What are the Prime Features of AOL Mail!

America Online or popularly known as AOL, offers a global platform for services, products and also digital distribution of content. It has been in the market for over 33 years and was earlier branded as an organization for placing dial up services. The users of AOL mail can also contact AOL customer support number for fetching some important information regarding the related issues anytime. AOL mail has launched a significant attribute recently for better establishment. AIM or the AOL Instant Messenger was launched in 2012 which provided a fresh glance to AOL email login services.
The main features of AOL Mail are:
• Unlimited Email storage capacity
• 25 MB Email attachment limit
• 90 days window for account expiry in case of inactivity
• Other Email account by other service providers (like Gmail) can now be linked with AOL when signed in to AOL
• Ads will be displayed. Also, embedded links can be activated or deactivated by the user himself
• Improved protection from spam
• Enhanced virus protection
• Impeccable spelling checker
• AIM panel to show detailed description of all the online friends and also links to various sponsored websites as well
• Capability of email un-send
• SSL/HTTPS support after login
AOL (Project Phoenix)
The latest email program by AOL has a Quick Bar where emails, messages and AOL instant Messenger messages can be sent. It also helps people to add up to five accounts into it. It features a search feature that will load pictures, attachments, addresses and dates from emails. It is now being tested and can only be accessed by a valid invitation.
AOL has stopped working on the Project, sometime in September 2011.
Added Information
With such new and amazing features, AOL mail offers a refreshed look to the email users which proved as the main factor of attraction towards AOL services. Such improvements also proved as an alarm to other service providers, because if some up gradation was not made by them, then their customers would switch between email service providers.
The present condition of AOL and AOL Mail services as for now is almost nil in the market. The main reason behind it is the suppression from many of the new founded organizations, which have proved worst for AOL. The downfall of AOL can be designated from the year 2001, from the time it merged with Times Warner. The attempt failed horribly. After that AOL and AOL Mail services have witnessed some big ups and downs which are the main reason of concern for the organization.
Periodic protection and being up-to-date always gives a sense of security to the users. For any assistance or support regarding installation or other issues the AOL customer service number can be contacted. If the service numbers go busy, a trusted online web dictionary that offers the various Brand’s numbers, can also be contacted such as Contactforservice for the users in the US and Canada.

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