Facebook Provides the New Ad Options Committing to Third-Party Audit

With recent controversies creeping up due to inaccuracies found in Facebook data at its abundance, preventive measures are being enforced by the major social networking website to enforce transparency and keep the trust level of advertisers sustained. With more than 2 million organizations advertise their services on Facebook Customer Service to achieve specific objectives, this social media site offer their accountability to the new and existing clients when their product ads are run on FB.
Transparency is offered to the advertisers as they can analyze the data which indicates the result as well as suggest running campaigns on FB platform. The accountability is also offered by this social platform advertiser to get third-party audit conducted to verify the authenticity that advert platform works at its best.
In order to assure advertisers, an undertaking is given on different aspects which are as follows:
• Adding Insight and Contexts into Ad Performance
• MRC Audit being allowed by FB to get underway for advertiser’s trust
• Third Party Verification.
• New Choice available to buy video

Let’s Explain These Aspects One by One
• Adding Insight and Contexts into Ad Performance: To offer more attributes in the form of contexts and insights in Ad performance, Facebook now offers advertisers with detailed in-view information containing Ad-impressions.

Advertiser’s data is now disbursed by Facebook on following three measures:

 Time displayed in Milli-seconds that ad being displayed on the screen
 Time displayed in Milli-seconds that 50% of the Ad being displayed on the screen
 Time displayed in Milli-seconds that 100% of the Ad being displayed on the screen

• MRC Audit to Maintain Trust of Advertiser: This social media site is gripped up with the commitments to being audited by MRC (Media Rating council) in order to get their information accuracy verified which is being provided to advertisers after initiation of ad-campaigns. The advertising community has praised this move made by MRC as this kind of scrutiny will completely alleviate advertiser concerns and their trust is sustained on the metrics being applied to run ad campaigns and delivering stats.

• Third-Party Verification: With FB looking to sustain the trust of advertisers, they have expanded a pool of third party verification. This really signifies that how serious is facebook actually to improve the ad metrics as well as maintain its accuracy. Facebook very well understand the important of trust to be sustained by advertisers losing which, damage could be playing a significant role in their downfall.

• New Choice of Video buying: There are certain avenues unveiled by Facebook to buy choice of new videos such as “completed view buying”, “two-second buying” and “sound-on buying”. In completed view buying, advertisers are only supposed to pay for video ads that can be viewed in the entirety for up to 10 seconds. As you look forward towards two-second buying, 50% of the ad pixels are in view for two seconds on a continuous basis. In sound on buying option, advertisers have the ability to buy sound on video ads.

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