"A ride away" Nike Kyrie 2 highlights Smart style

Jordan Shoes 2017 for everyone to bring the Nike kyrie 2 shoes evaluation. Relative to a kyrie 1, I like the design of kyrie 2. Because both from the appearance of the design, or his shoes on some of the details of the design, he is more like a star signature shoes. Well, boast on the first boast here, the next time is to start a step by step to talk about this pair of Nike kyrie 2.First break the regular order, we first talk about this colorful heel design! Because it is the first sale of the market, this design is a different kind of color, brought back the desire to buy it, the official price of 899, because this is now limited online price increase of about three hundred or even higher. Heel of the color does play a significant role, the word look good.Kyrie 2 and a generation of great difference, can be said that two completely different shoes, but they did out of the same designer's hands. In the body of kyrie 2 we can not see the kind of simple 1, from the complexity of the upper point of view has been able to find the two shoes in the design of the difference.
Nike Air Jordan 2017 are divided into two parts. The front palm part of the fuse and rubber intertwined mixed upper, heel at the palm of the hand with a traditional weaving material, coupled with the Velcro design, so that kyrie 2 in the package has a completely different feeling.With the release of Nike Kyrie 3, Kyrie 2 basically completed his "historical mission". And for his owner, Kelly Owen, Kyrie 2 was accompanied by his first championship trophy of his career. On the pitch, Owen has been on the countless Kyrie 2 PE color, today let us look back, Owen in the field through those Kyrie 2 PE.Recently, another new color of the Nike Kyrie 2 "What The" appeared in front of us. This time, Nike Kyrie 2 "What The" did not use the previous generation of splicing color scheme, but with two elegant color color scheme presented.The new exposure of this Kyrie 2 "What The" the whole pair of shoes to the main colors of white, highlighting the elegant temperament, bandage and ankle texture characterization is very delicate.
Latest Jordans 2017 is reported that this white white Nike Kyrie 2 "What The" will be December 12, 2016 in North America exclusive sale, and the lake green Nike Kyrie 2 "What The" will be at the same time in the rest of the world shelves, The price is $ 120. Interested little partners may be a lot of attention!Following the appearance of spy photos, Kerry Owen's second signature war boots also exposed the sale details, will be officially launched in mid-December this year!Is still full of combat positioning, the height of the upper to enhance, as well as the banding elements to join, are aimed at further solid control on the pitch. Including Christmas and Easter holiday color, including, there will be a variety of Kyrie series of classic color will visit the second generation of products.

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