The Cold Roll Forming Machine's Design and Manufacture Characteristics

Cold roll forming machine is widely used in many fields, not only increase the output, but also greatly improve the quality of the products, so both of the design and manufacture of cold roll forming machines are very important.

Firstly, design and manufacture of roll form machines according to the average stress for different principles, all of the rollers stress averagely, with the balance of the wear and prolong the service life of steel roll forming machine.

Secondly, usually roof panel roll forming machine manufacturers adopt C12MoV material with wear-resisting performance, but its specific strength and hardness is contradictory, when doing heart treatment, it must use the red hardness of C12MoV material, through twice or even three times tempering can be reached to the hardness after quenching.

Thirdly, orbit arc part of this kind of forming machine is the core position of sliding rail, the circular arc position after the first few moulded, in the back pass rolling vertical edge to deal with the established arc, through the roll up and down to do effectively control protection, otherwise, the circular arc part will be changed in the process of drawing of the materials. When R has shrunk as triangles, because of the steel ball cannot be in the end which makes the two contraction produce noise. When R becomes bigger, shaking with rail, the usage of slide rail track makes it fuzzy, uneven, slide rail deformation and shorten its life of the glazed tile roll forming machine.

Fourthly, it is the rolling stability problem of the roll form machines; it usually meets the deflection of around the problem of the material in the race during the production. Actually, it is a single set of roller with asymmetry, the left side force bigger makes the deflection of materials to the right. If the right side of the force is bigger, the deflection of materials is to the left. There are some methods of solution of metal roll forming machine. The first one is calculating accuracy in the deformation zones with the materials to make better symmetry rolling processing. The second one is as far as possible avoid stress in deformation area, the gap between regions should keep the same when equip it. The third one is making the material move smoothly in rolling glide of the forming machine.

Fifthly, the rolling problems appeared in production, it is produced by unbalanced force. Unbalanced force to make it bend. Should stress evenly to design force equilibrium with processing of group to make install this kind of roll forming machine conveniently.

Sixthly, roller processing accuracy is the important key, so producing special tools under the projector, then magnifying 20 times to check the forming machine. At the main drive side, using of cone roller bearing to ensure the spindle radial runout in 0.04mm, and confirm the spindle will not move from the left to the right. There is gap between ordinary ball bearing, which cannot avoid axial channeling in precise transmission.

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