Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

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Sometimes, the service time as well as the normal operation of the machines depends on the daily maintenance. The price of the roll forming machine for sale is expensive, so the maintenance is a good way to reduce changing frequency to reduce production cost. Therefore, there are some maintenance tips of the roof panel roll forming machine to prolong the service time of the roof panel roll forming machine.

The routine maintenance tips of the roof panel roll forming machine

1.After test run production of new device, it is necessary to clean the lube in all transmission parts, including lube in deceleration box, replacing new lube.

2.Check the oil mass in the hydraulic fluid chamber each week, the surface of the oil level should be above the centerline of the oil level indicator. Supply the hydraulic oil if necessary.

3.Check the quality of the hydraulic oil each month. Deal with the impurities and water in the oil.

4.Check coupling screws, nut in all kinds of parts at least once per week to check whether there is loose phenomenon.

5.Check whether there is looseness in all electrical circuits per month. Clean the ventilate dust gauze each month on the electric cabinet.

6.Wash filter screen of the hydraulic oil each month.

7.Change the hydraulic oil during long holidays. And clean all electric motors and control valve of hydraulic oil. As for bearing parts, it is necessary to tear down and wash rolling bearings and add new lube. For rolling bearings that has severe attrition, it is necessary to change in time. Clean thermoelectric couple contact point. Check whether all linkages of electric circuits are secure. Change the maturing electric circuits and adjust the instruments.

The daily maintenance of the roof panel roll forming machines

1.Before taking over, it is necessary to check the lube place in equipment every day. Supply enough lube if necessary.

2.Hear whether there is unusual noise of the roof panel roll forming machine. If there is, ask the concerned personnel for help. Depend on whether to close down and overhaul or trouble cleaning according to the practical situations.

3.Check whether the technology temperature control as well as instrument display is normal. If there is any unusual phenomenon, it is necessary to check heating unit, temperature control system.

4.After taking over, check whether the operating switches and buttons are in place or the limit switch is loose or the safety gate is flexible and accurate operation to make sure the safe production.

5.Before adding material, it is necessary to clean the hopper and on the hopper.

6.Pay attention to that the running time of the screw is less than three minutes. The screws are forbidden to run except for test run before production.

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