MICOE got the award of Top 10 Listed Companies with most growth force

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On January 12th, 2013, the selection activities of 2012 listed companies TOP10 [URL=http://www.en.micoe.com/solarcollector/Heat-Pipe-Solar-Collector.shtml]solar heat pipe[/URL] and the development force of Chinese listed companies peak BBS were held in Guangzhou. At this point, jointly initiated by Southern Metropolis Daily and the other parties, the selection came to a successful close after a period of more than two months. The campaign is under the guidance of association of listed companies in China. The Southern Metropolis Daily jointed many authoritative media, invited the authority of experts and scholars of domestic financial industry expert panel.

SMW Entire Media Transport Management Committee member, deputy chief editor of Southern Metropolis Daily Xianghong Cui attended at peak BBS and made an important speech.

The activity selected a total of 10 awards, including of top 10 comprehensive strength of listed companies on main board, top 10 comprehensive strength of listed [URL=http://en.micoe.com/solarcollector/Heat-Pipe-Solar-Collector.shtml]heat pipe solar collectors[/URL] on medium-sized board, top 10 comprehensive strength of listed companies on the GEM Board, top 10 listed companies with most investment potential, top 10 listed companies with most influential brand, top 10 listed company with most growth force, top 10 listed companies with most influential capital figure of enterprises and individuals, top 10 listed companies with best corporate governance, top 10 listed companies with most innovative spirit, top 10 listed companies with most social responsibility.

MICOE Solar Energy Co., LTD. was awarded with the Most Growth of Listed Companies by the selection of expert group.

The board secretary and vice President of MICOE Solar Co., LTD. Mr Liu Wei said in an interview that thanks first for the jury to give the award of the most growth of listed [URL=http://en.micoe.com/solarcollector/Heat-Pipe-Solar-Collector.shtml]heat pipe thermal solar collector[/URL] to MICOE. Secondly, the aggregation of powers such as continuous technological innovation, sturdy channel establishment, activated brand construction, flexible terminal activities provide the MICOE’s sustainable profitability. In 2012, MICOE based on stable growth of the three or four line market, relied on the strategic transformation of city market, gave continuous impetus for the company growth. In 2012, under the background of the whole economy downturn, MICOE still realized expected growth for the stability, all of this is the solid foundation on which MICOE to obtain sustainable growth.

Vice President Liu said that MICOE can get the award of 2012 TOP10 listed companies with most growth,, which is more representing the sectors of society is paying more affirmation and confidence to new energy and the social value of China solar thermal collector industry. After the eighteenth national congress, China ushered in a new round of reform and opened up the development cycle, the urbanization will serve as the core strategy of expending domestic demand and economic development and will provide more opportunities and challenges to our future development.
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