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Video game industry, an increasing number of enterprises are on A-share markets away from listed adventure companies good latest release of another quarter fiscal reports, the main online strong thunder, has developed into a large amount of game companies "cash cow" .
A generally feel that, as in other areas of computer, competition between Baidu and Google, QQ and MSN, Taobao and eBay, free online games, short-term prosperity in the amount of the agents of foreign products, the localization of many advantages will can make original games quickly regained the lost ground, as the real overlord of China's rs gold ( http://www.runescapepal.com/ ) sport market.

October 30, Sohu announced the 3rd quarter of 2007, unaudited financial statements and earnings in a very number of figures is especially astounded by: Sohu inside third quarter adventure revenues of $ 12.7 million, an increase of 473 percent within the previous quarter increase of 232%; Sohu independently developed adventure "Dragon" within the third quarter revenue of $ 10.9 million, a rise of 384% sequentially. original flash games market at the beginning with this officially released until early 2007, it became Sohu has become a money-making machines. recently, Sohu company also revealed that the upcoming end of next season to market its second original adventure "The Deer", always force the initial games.

Using the third quarter of 2011, China activity research report, the next quarter of China's video game market size reached 3.04 billion yuan, industry share of top ten enterprises, more than half of sport companies is focused on the main local sport development. Statistics show that domestic online flash games share of the market has reached 64.8 percent, in comparison with 2007, 32 percent from the domestic free online games share of the market, even 2003 rice, lower than 30% share of the market, after a few years of "Korea" Winter, the domestic flash games, has ushered early in the year. 35cxhyh

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