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Now more and more common to many high-end residential parquet figure. Compared to conventional flooring, parquet flooring color more kind, paving the effect is more attractive, especially in the open space, select the parquet floor space, it will not be too monotonous. Kofi Xiao Bian today for your Secret paving process came parquet floors. If you would like to wooden balcony design ideas, do not miss it.
1, on-demand choice of materials: first determine the number of purchase materials
Usually 20 square meters floor area than the actual laying of the material slightly increase 1 to 1.5 meters, in order to compensate for the loss of a pattern to fight the system. Wood generally hardwood as well, when the choice of materials, to try to choose similar timber properties, consistent color, less scarring, <a href="http://www.outdoorwallpanel.com/solution...uot;>bonding composite fence price</a>.
2, flooring materials storage
Flooring materials are generally commercially available dry operation without treatment, after buy, the best timber in a well ventilated, dark place, let it dry naturally exercise, avoid exposure, moisture, avoid wood bending.
Ground preparation 3, before laying
As long as the basic level to the original ground, if significant irregularities and water conditions glue down shall renovated flat. Before construction, should wash dirt from the ground until the ground dry after construction.
4, the correct construction methods
Because people opt pattern may be, once identified, it must use the proper construction methods. First, do spell check before timber. Good quality and ease of use seen in people frequented the site. Quality time for the border, under the bed, behind the door, etc..
Selected center. Cross the room, on either side of the center point of each straight pull a straight line, which is the intersection of the center, as along the perpendicular to add lattice to existing fence. Glue should be appropriate, the glue thickness of the floor and board from 2 to 3 mm. His hand pressed flat, compaction can be.
5, compound preparation
To avoid rubber waste, how much each feature and may not use the next day. As with the high-grade cement and glue with adhesives, not overtime with water, dilute to control the paste-like consistency is better.

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