hHow to pick the color of the floor indoor wood

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by meishengchao • 27 Posts

Decoration decoration floor decoration is inseparable from bamboo flooring, with respect, and the future use of color and the overall interior bamboo flooring has closely linked, and therefore in the purchase of wood floors, many consumers will put forward a question : indoor wood floor color how the election?
Color selection of indoor wood floor, small series give you support a move, six words - how to make composite stair.
What color bamboo flooring is better, it has to do with the furniture? How to make furniture and wood floors coordinated. In fact, bamboo flooring interior color selection is a science, the choice of color indoor bamboo flooring has specific skills.
Color indoor bamboo flooring Factors Affecting one: family as a whole decor.
If the overall decor family home to a little luxury, then the interior wood floor should choose the color a little bit calm, a little darker hue to match, if the whole family is European style, then you can choose the elegant little color; if the family decoration Style is a little lively style, indoor wood floor that decking board spacing.
Color indoor bamboo flooring choice two factors: indoor area
If the room is a small area, then you can choose cool series of indoor wood floor, which can set off a vast indoor area; if the indoor area is large, you can choose warm series, may not seem so empty.

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