Brand flooring industry lacks originality

in JOBS Wed Aug 05, 2015 12:27 pm
by meishengchao • 27 Posts

Flooring industry, after several years of rapid development, the industry growth rate gradually slowed down, and the same phenomenon at the present stage flooring industry is particularly serious, vicious competition between the industry also makes industry woeful. Lack of original brand products are mostly from the "Copy" Flooring industry diy under deck roofbrands do not plan to own brand positioning and future development. Such direct result industry brand image and brand association convergence. Brand development system is the lack of homogeneity of the largest internal factors.

Flooring industry, for example, the brand has developed systems that few, R & D department referred to a high degree of brand is even more rare. Nine positive building materials network learned there is more outsourcing industry sample, after a simple modification to copy; another case is to continue to participate in the exhibition, the appearance of the photo shoot product, and then imitate. The result is the emergence of the market above the monotony of the final product. Low barriers to entry lead to confusion small businesses grow wild competition Flooring industry, low barriers to entry, venture capital, and some need more than ten million dollars of funds can only open the factory floor. If you can start the construction funds of millions, basically you can get some of the manufacturers listed on the processing status. At the same time, from a technical perspective, the business requires a lower skill level of employees, small businesses with just a few people in dozens of square meters of the area can be the product processing and production.

In addition, the industry is also not yet formed a from the capital, size, quality, facilities and other businesses to measure whether the threshold into the industry standard. Therefore, low barriers to entry the industry homogenization of important factors. Casual suit will not only disrupt the orderly market competition, and malaise in the market white plastic garden fence singaporeenvironment, we can not digest large number of homogeneous products. Overall flooring industry as a whole is a bit confusing, there is no industry standard, and the homogenization of existence, will lead to a vicious cycle of flooring industry, stagnated.

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