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The launch of ROI Unlimited was very controversial, a lot of people instantly threw it into the same category as TVI express because of the similarity of the travel voucher product and failed to take a closer look at the leaders and vision. That was a big mistake that they will all pay dearly for as ROI Unlimited turned out to be the complete opposite of TVI Express and now offers a very solid product.

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Anyone with some experience in this industry knows that you cannot judge a book by it's cover and if you look deep into the leadership and product of a company, only then can you judge if it will last long-term. The people who rook a "risk" with ROI Unlimited are now reaping the rewards from their good judgment and have a business that is setting itself up for long-term worldwide growth.

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After only 60 days in business ROI Unlimited has delivered over 1 million dollars in commissions to their members, and many changes have been made to build a strong foundation for their future growth in the travel industry.

Parajumpers Angie Womens Jacket Black
ROI recently added discount travel cards to their membership, they have a compensation plan with the most leverage I have ever seen, they have experienced leaders who run their business with the highest level of integrity, and a glorious vision to help the "average joes" get into profit mode in their home businesses for the first time.

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