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The most crucial update that has been made is the change from "travel vouchers" to a worldwide travel portal and hotel, condo, and cruise cards that give deep discounts on hotels, condos, villas, suites, cottages, private homes, and luxury cruises in over 200 countries across the globe.

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The ROI Unlimited membership guarantees the lowest rates on hotels using the hotel card, over 2 million weeks of condo inventory using the condo card, and over 13,000 different cruises using the cruise card.

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When you combine benefits like that with the leverage the ROI Unlimited compensation plan has, you can realistically invest $250 one-time and come out with a condo card worth thousands of dollars in only your first month in the business and truly "Leveraging your way into Luxury" while producing extra income to fund your family vacations in the process.

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The big differences I have seen with the leadership in ROI Unlimited compared to other travel opportunities are as follows. They always keep you in the loop on whats going on internally with the company, they hole nightly prospecting calls with the leaders live, they make themselves available for questions via cell phone during the day, and they just launched a company wide pay if forward program so they can help people out who are less fortunate and cannot afford to get started in ROI Unlimited.

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