Simple Wedding but Show the Lasting Love

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by linglingz007 • 4 Posts

The society is increasingly full of desire crosscurrent, lead a voluptuous life, power and money seem to have covered people' view so that marriage has become one of the symbol of everything. However, there are still a crowd of people seeking the purest love and the simplest promise.

The past marriage is a big day, so the family would spend huge sums of money on the wedding, such as prepared for the bride and groom dresses, the guest list and the wedding banquet, bought new house, relative furnishings and household appliances, furniture, etc. Wedding purchase is a pretty momentous part. Typically, most women wear weddings only once in a lifetime with the same dress. If weddings are expensive, people will choose to rent rather than buy wedding dresses. Although there is no lower price now, people’ minds are quietly shifted.

Girls may not need an expensive wedding held at the seaside, expensive, but buy discount wedding dresses for them, just a set of discount wedding dress, and they believe that everything is floating clouds in the face of true love. They also don’t need to grooms drive expensive cars came in front of their house then take them to the wedding scene. They are willing to wear a set of discount wedding dress which their grooms afford, then are carried to the wedding destination by bridegrooms’ bikes. They don't need celebrities gathered luxury wedding, as long as both sides of male and female relatives and good friends, they are willing to wear a suit of discount wedding dress to accept wishes.

They don’t need to hold the wedding ceremony in the holy church, neither so many wreathes, they buy wedding dresses with low pays for themselves, because they believe that there is only one wedding in their life.

New marriage concepts constantly flooded with existing weddings, not demanding luxury car and house, the marriage becomes simplest. True love emerges slowly from the secular in front of people. The marriage group begins to younger, including college students.

In the university campus, lovers know each other with various reasons, and eventually come together. They have little income, so the marriage easier. Brides don’t need too much dowry, but a set of discount wedding dress, jewelry from good friends, a bunch of red roses groom send; They don't need to go to churches, places of historic interest and scenic beauty for taking wedding photography, as long as in a simple discount wedding dress, travel around the campus with grooms; They don't need to the wedding company to prepare for the incomparable wedding, as long as buy wedding dresses and other gadgets online, or even DIY stuffs; They don't still need relatives all be present, as long as their sisters and brothers to attend, then grooms can arm them with wearing bridesmaid wedding dresses into the wedding scene, that's enough.

Marriage is a continuation of love, which just want family and friends together to enjoy their love. With the simplest way to get married, a discount wedding dress, a necklace, a pair of earrings, friends, and our loved ones, this wedding is enough.

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