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If your bad behavior is something that really needs a professional to correct, then before you apologize to the ex girlfriend in an attempt to win her back

you should actually go see a professional about your problem. Maybe you can attend a few counseling sessions before you call the ex girlfriend back up. Be

sincere in your efforts to correct yourself because your girlfriend will see through any lies you may be propagating. When she sees you are committed to

changing she will feel you are sincere.

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If your girlfriend left you because you cheated on her then you need to figure out why you cheated. Have an honest discussion with her and tell her what was

going through your mind and why you did what you did. You can rewrite the past but you can figure out what went wrong so that you can stop any bad behavior

from repeating itself. You are going to need a way to avoid cheating again if you truthfully feel you want to win your ex girlfriend back.

When winning an ex girlfriend back it is important to not only apologize but you must also give her the space and time to think about what you said and are

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You also have to be a good listener so that when she responds you actually "hear" what she is saying. Doing all of the things mentioned in this

article will put you well on the way to winning her back. First performed in Bangalore in 1993 Mahesh Dittany's play 'Final Solutions' foregrounds the Hindu-Muslim problems. In also tackles the theme of transferred resentments in the context of family relations. Alyque Padamsee says, directing Final Solutions in Mumbai. "As I see it. This is a play about transferred resentment. About looking for a scapegoat to hit out when we feel let down, humiliated. Taking out anger on your wife, children or servants is an old Indian custom- this is above all, a play about a family with its simmering under currents. (Dattani, 2000: 161).1 In 1998, Mahesh Dattani won the Sahitya Akademi award for his Final Solutions and other plays. This is a stage play in three acts. The play was first performed at Guru Nanak Bhawan, Bangalore on 10 July, 1993. The Play upon with Daksha reading from her dairy. An oil lamp converted to an electric one suggests that the period is the late 1940s. Daksha is the grandmother of the Gandhi's. Who sometimes is seen as a girl of fifteen on the stage? Daksha thanks that she is "a young girl who does not matter to anyone outside her home". (166).2 She says, "Last year in August, a terrible thing happened and that was freedom for India". The most whispers : "Freedom! At last freedom!" Daksha close her diary and now Hardika appears on the stage. She feels the things have not changed that much. A period of forty years is not a long period for a nation. But on the stage, the drumbeat grows louder and the Chorus slowly wears the Hindu masks. The words spoken by Chorus show the beginning of disharmony and painful period ahead. As long as the persons are on the stage they are normal but as soon as they are behind the masks, their thirst for blood resist.[url=http://www.pradaoutletonline.com/]Prada Handbags Outlet Online [/url]
Whether we are angry with someone or someone is angry with us each out burst takes its toll on both parties. The Chorus with Hindu masks burst with angry words. Chorus 1:The procession has passed through these lanes every year For Forty years! Chorus 2, 3:How dare they? Chorus 1, 2, 3:For forty years our chariot has moved through their mohallas Chorus 4, 5:What did they? Why did they today? Chorus 1:How dare they? Chorus 2, 3:They broke our rath. They broke our chariot. And felled our Gods! Chorus 1, 2, 3:This is our land! How dare they? Chorus 1:It is in their blood! Chorus 2, 3:It is in their blood to destroy Chorus 4:Why should they? Chorus 5:It could have been an accident. Chorus 2:The stone that hit our God was no accident! Chorus 3:The knife that slit the poojari's stomach was no accident. Chorus 4, 5:Why should they? It could have been an accident (168).

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