use fireproof board variant

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for reference purposes only. 18, with the edge of the best cabinets to buy a special trip to buy more than a few, buy other materials at the same time to buy it is not possible to get a good price, this is very profiteering products, very cheap! 19 kitchen cabinets do Before considering the size of the sink, the keel spacing determines the size of the sink. Twenty,

balcony door is best not to use fireproof board variant. Balcony of the environment is relatively poor. Twenty-one, to do the bathroom basin basin when the first consider the size of the basin in the future so that no less than fit. 22, glass is a very heavy thing, preferably in the vicinity of the purchase, or the first good way to transport. Twenty-three,

the installation of locks to pay attention to some of the tongue on the tongue, crashing and then on the late wax. If there is no door suction, then also pay attention to prevent the handle wall damage. Twenty-four, matte paint is better than the high-gloss, do not listen to the painter, if the painter said that it must be bad matte brush it bad technology. Also,
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