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to leak classification There are two types of floor drain, water seal to floor drain and self-styled floor drain. Seal leakage to leak water leakage to achieve the sealing effect; self-sealing leakage through the springs, magnets, bearings and other mechanical devices or soft materials will be sealed to seal. floor drain structure The floor drain structure generally includes several parts.

floor drain cover, floor drain panel, debris filter, floor drain deodorant core. Each part of the structure plays a very important role. Part2: material selection of fine selection of materials to choose a doorway to drain when there are two elements must be seen, first, the quality of the material, the second is the structure of the material. Let's take a look at how to choose the following bar.

Second, the deodorant function should be in place, anti-taste, anti-pest, a new type of built-in type, the use of anti-odor, anti-odor, anti-odor, Water leakage in this regard the most insurance; Third, easy to clean, easy to leak into the hair, sand and other objects, the new floor drain easy to clean, built-in floor drain core must be easily removed for cleaning.
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