Paola was amazed to discover this was her phobia

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For eight years, Paola had no idea why this occurred. Then baseball caps clearance one day, she did an internet search for the

music genre 'trip hop'. Serendipitously, the search engine threw up the
word 'trypophobia'.
Paola was amazed to discover this was her phobia. Not long afterwards, she started a Facebook group with the aim of 'informing people about the existence of trypophobia'.
The trypophobia Facebook page currently has nearly 6000 followers around the globe. While Paola admits she is 'surprised at the success of the page,' it leads her to believe
'trypophobia is more common than we think'.
She says followers often write to her and describe their own physical and mental responses to trypophobic images.
'The most common annoyances are itching, anxiety, nausea and sometimes vomiting,' she says.
Some of Paola's fans are unimpressed that she actually posts photos that trigger their phobia.
'Others have thanked me because I have publicised the existence of trypophobia and previously, they believed themselves to be the only ones [with it],' she says.While
trypophobia is not yet recognised as a medical diagnosis, it is gaining traction among some experts.
For more than 40 years Arnold Wilkins, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, has studied the severe responses some people have to
repetitive patterns.
The first patient Dr Wilkins ever saw with this issue was when he was studying in the Canadian city of Montreal in the early 1970s.
'I was asked to see a patient who had seizures when she looked at striped lines, which at the time was thought to be extremely rare,' he says.
After spending decades investigating aversive patterns, he now believes the opposite is true; a negative physical response to certain types of patterns is not rare.
'I would say about at least 10 to 20 per cent of the population Cheap Asics Running Shoes is affected to some extent by aversive

patterns,' Dr Wilkins says.
More recently Dr Wilkins and PhD student An Trong Dinh Le, have been investigating trypophobia.
Dr Wilkins explains that a so-called 'Fourier analysis' of aversive patterns 'a whether they are stripes or holes 'a shows they all have similar mathematical properties.
'So although they're very different patterns, they may be having similar effects on the visual system,' Dr Wilkins says.
He goes on to explain that looking at something that's uncomfortable cauHe has 'a hunch' that trypophobia has an evolutionary element.

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RE: Paola was amazed to discover this was her phobia

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