Winning an argument is hard with Becky

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Winning an argument is hard with Becky, the only known person in Snapbacks caps clearance Australia to be diagnosed with highly

superior autobiographical memory (HSAM). Or to put it more simply, Becky
can remember, in crystal clear detail, practically every second of her life.
Every conversation she's had, every meal she has eaten, every book she has read, Becky can recall it as if it happened just a moment ago.
'It was a shock and it still is,' says Becky whose story is featured on Channel 9's 60 Minutes on Sunday. 'It's mind boggling for me.'
Becky, and those who share her ability which is also known as hyperthymesia, could provide answers to a range of brain maladies. But far from being a boon, that Becky can
remember every second of her life has been a struggle with painful memories of difficult times past as real as if they were happening right now.60 Minutes reporter Allison
Langdon, who accompanied Becky to the US where she met with doctors who have treated other patients with HSAM, told news.com.au it was one of the world's rarest conditions.
'It's quite phenomenal how it works. The brain is like a DVD with different chapters and they can see it and picture it and jump forwards or backwards.
'She always felt everyone remembers things like she can but they could deal with it. She doesn't understand how we forget things.'
Becky is the only Australian to be diagnosed with the condition and the only person worldwide to live with both it and autism.
While HSAM appears in most cases between the ages of 10 and 14, Becky remembers right back to the year she was born.
One of her earliest memories is from when she was in her cot. She distinctly recalls being terrified by a Minnie Mouse doll. It chimes with her mum's recollection that she
would always push the soft toy away.
Becky's skills were evident to Ms Langdon from the get go.Nike Free Run Australia Store But to test them, the Channel 9 reporter set the

diehard Harry Potter fan a tough challenge.
'I tested her on the (Harry Potter) books because she says she can remember every single word from every single book,' she says.
'So I would pick up a book and open a page and read her a line and immediately she would name the book, chapter number, chapter name and could recite every word until I told
her to stop.ses greater 'oxygenation of the visual part of the brain.'
And because your brain is working harder than usual, Dr Wilkins says this may in turn lead to 'overloading the visual system.'But there can be downsides for those with HSAM as
difficult memories are always near the surface.

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RE: Winning an argument is hard with Becky

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