toxic material content is too high

in Salary Structure Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:02 am
by qizhen0809 • 95 Posts

In the acceptance of toxic material content is too high, the switch useless for a long time on the bad and so on. Fourth, refused to tell the truth for their own is the best, this sentence where applicable. Vanity in this expansion of the community, home decoration vanity on stage, and some decoration owners completely ignore their actual needs, blind comparisons of the decoration. Next door neighbor renovated well, spent 20 million, then his home decoration must not be lower than him,

so the original 18 million on the basis of an additional 50,000; Mike living room hung up the oil painting, then their living room with Expensive expensive Chinese painting, etc., this mentality is likely to cause excessive consumption. In fact, the room decoration materials may not be more upscale the better, on the contrary the use of quality and cheap materials to save some of the costs,

with this money to buy some high-end furniture and electrical appliances, the more practical. Luxury may not bring comfort, the key is to suit their own. 5, refused to make once and for all since the cocoon decoration may be a lifetime thing, but the decoration can not be anything to do once and for all, too the pursuit of perfection, ocean will make their own exhausted. For example,
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