Characteristics of stainless steel tubes

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Corrosion resistance: the vast majority of stainless steel products require good corrosion resistance, and some foreign businessmen also do corrosion resistance test: NACL water solution heated to boiling, drained solution after a period of time, wash drying, said the weight loss , To determine the degree of corrosion.[url=http://steelsheetprice.com/]stainless steel sheet price[/url]

Weldability: the use of different products on the welding performance requirements are also different. A class of tableware on the welding performance is generally not required, even including some pot enterprises. But the vast majority of products require raw materials, welding performance, such as two types of tableware, insulation Cup, pipe, water heaters, drinking fountains and so on.[url=http://steelsheetprice.com/stainless-steel/9873.html]1/16 stainless steel wire cutter[/url]

Polishing performance (BQ): the current stainless steel products in the production are generally polished through this process, only a small number of products such as water heaters, drinking fountains, etc. do not need polishing. Therefore, the polishing performance of the raw material is required to be good.[url=http://steelsheetprice.com/stainless-steel/9872.html]Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Channels[/url]

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