the Golden Eagle Iger floor

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Foreign will introduce the new national standards for the most attention to the" color fastness. "" Color "refers to the surface of the [url=http://wpcproductswholesale.com]common outdoor wood plastic material decking[/url] floor color," fastness "refers to the durability , The color of the fade does not fade.
China National Forest Products Industry Association floor, said the Secretary-General Lu Bin, the new [url=http://wpcproductswholesale.com/products/2476.html]price of plantation porch flooring[/url] floor of the national standard originally planned to be introduced during the year.
but because the entries need to continue testing, so the new standard will be postponed until next year First introduced, the "color fastness" one is the latest to join the terms of the Golden Eagle Iger [url=http://wpcproductswholesale.com/products/554.html]weather proof material for outdoor flooring[/url] floor, general manager of Lin Dalun analysis of "color fastness" of the reasons for concern.

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