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Cubs Hammel Have Mutual Interest In Return - RealGM Wiretap
There is mutual interest between the Chicago Cubs and Jason Hammel on a return.

The Cubs were one of at least nine teams that had shown interest in Hammel at the general manager meetings [url=http://www.canadagoosejasoutlet.nl/canada-goose-parka-dames/canada-goose-kensington-parka.html]canada goose kensington parka dames[/url] , according to a source.

Hammel is expected to land a deal in the range of what Scott Feldman received from the Houston Astros last winter -- $30 million over three years.

Choo Turned Down $140M From Yankees - RealGM Wiretap

The New York Yankees offered Shin-Soo Choo a seven-year, $140 million deal after Robinson Cano left for the Seattle Mariners, according to sources.

The contract offer came after New York signed Jacoby Ellsbury to a $153 million deal.

Scott Boras, Choo's agent, countered New York's offer by asking for more money and the Yankees pulled the offer and signed Carlos Beltran.

What is, How to & Tips | Paintball De-Connect With Technology and Reconnect With Fun Our society today has become so focused on connecting with technology, connecting with other humans via technology, that we have almost lost all forms of real social fun. We no longer go outside the house as much as we used to. We dont talk to friends as much as we used to. We use social networking sites to chat with friends instead of talking to them in person or on the phone. We text message and instant message and check emails twenty times a day. But all of that connecting is separating us from relaxation [url=http://www.canadagoosejasoutlet.nl/canada-goose-parka-dames/canada-goose-expedition-parka.html]canada goose expedition parka dames[/url] , from fun, from actually connecting with other humans beings.

Although social networking sites and instant messages and text messages are good tools for staying in touch with friends, they shouldnt take the place of actually getting out and doing things. Getting outside of the house, even if its not out in nature on a hike or rafting trip, is something our society doesnt get enough of. We need to do it more. Get out of the house. Go to the movies with friends. Meet for dinner or drinks. Karaoke with friends. Or try your hand at paintball.

Something as simple as going to the movies is a good way to reconnect with friends. Movie theatres abound across the US with a plethora of movies to choose from, no matter what your taste. Of course, movies are mad to be watched, and its hard to chat with your friends while watching a movie. After the movie [url=http://www.canadagoosejasoutlet.nl/canada-goose-parka-dames/canada-goose-constable-parka.html]canada goose constable parka dames[/url] , you can grab a bite to eat or drink and discus the movie, though.

Or perhaps just having dinner with friends or having a few drinks at a coffee shop will help you reconnect. Try to take one or two nights a month to do something fun like that. It doesnt have to be anything expensive or too time-consuming. Just do something that takes you away from the internet and your connection to technology.

Karaoke is always a blast, too, but like the movies, its hard to actually chat while you do that activity. Even if you cant sing well, you can still go to a karaoke bar and have a blast with your friends.

Getting out and trying other fun things like paintball would be a way to reconnect. You can try a new sport that youve never done before, and have a blast reconnecting with friends. Instead of shooting figures on a TV screen via a video game, you are actually shooting paint pellets at your friends or some other opponent.

Do something fun. Disconnect from the internet for one evening. Actually reconnect with your friends. Go to the movies [url=http://www.canadagoosejasoutlet.nl/canada-goose-parka-dames/canada-goose-chelsea-parka.html]canada goose chelsea dames[/url] , grab some dinner. Karaoke with your friends. Or get outside and play some paintball. Do something fun. The text messaging and video games and internet will be there when you get back. Just try not to let all this technology overtake your life.

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Keywords: Paintball Marker, Tippmann A-5 Stroman Has Torn ACL Out For Season - RealGM Wiretap

Marcus Stroman has a torn ACL and will miss the 2015 season, the Toronto Blue Jays have announced.

Stroman, 23, went 11-6 with a 3.65 ERA last season as a rookie and figured prominently in the team's plans this year.

Alex Anthopoulos said Stroman was participating in bunting practice when he was called off by third baseman Josh Donaldson. Stroman planted his feet to stop, then felt a pop in his knee. An MRI confirmed the tear.

锘? Hip replacement surgery usually is considered only after all other physical therapy and medication alternatives have been exhausted. Individuals that are considered qualified candidates for receiving the surgery often have the following ailmentssymptoms [url=http://www.canadagoosejasoutlet.nl/canada-goose-parka-heren/canada-goose-langford-parka.html]canada goose langford parka heren[/url] , according to the Mayo Clinic: * Constant pain affecting sleep and rest * Receiving little or no relief after consuming pain medications * Difficulties standing from a seated position * Difficulties walking up or down stairs * Inability to continue everyday activities such as walking because of extensive pain Hip replacement is not for everyone and physicians believe that individuals suffering from the following should not be considered for a hip replacement surgery: * Individuals who are in poor health or not capable of tolerating surgery or anesthesia. * Are at high risk for infection, or currently suffering from an ongoing infection. * Those with osteoporosis should not receive the surgery. * Obese or severly overweight individuals. * Those involved with extreme levels of ongoing heavy manual labor or those severely, physically demanding sports should avoid the procedure. While 90 percent of patients who have undergone hip replacement surgery find it a success, there are still potential unintended dangers involved with the surgical procedure. In the past, hip replacement surgeries were predominately for individuals who were 60 years of age or higher, however, technological advancements have allowed individuals much.

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