Solid wood flooring installation height and precautions

in Salary Structure Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:17 am
by happywork • 19 Posts

1, wooden keel fixed way for a nail a snail, nail from not more than 35cm;

2, with a hammer in the use of the location of the keel nail concrete drilling, Wholesale Cheap Wood Composite Floorknocking needle. Hammer using a drill for the 12mm, hammer into the concrete depth of not more than 6cm;

3, Wood keel pre-put in place (wood keel to be properly selected), Custom Made Affordable Wall Panelwooden keel and the wall of the expansion joint uniform for about 5mm, the keel of the ground pipe and other ground obstacles to be drilled under the keel, keel interface with 45-degree angle Then, the interface with nails and glue fixed;

4, knocking half of the keel,Interlocking Composite Wood Deck Cover the basic fixed wooden keel position;

5, with a pistol drill in the wooden keel on the expansion of the location of eye nails, and then use the hammer into the concrete. Pistol drill drill bit for the use of 10mm twist drill,Climate Resistance Wood Plastic Pergola hammer drill bit for the expansion of 10mm dedicated drill bit, into the concrete depth of not more than 6cm;

6, into the expansion tube, knocking into the expansion of half-nails;

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