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CJillian Michaels had been on the forefront of the fitness world for over 19 years when she became a personal trainer. While you may know her best from her role on the hit series Dave Robinson Packers Jersey , \The Biggest Loser,\ she is much more than a reality TV star and hardcore fitness trainer.

Since Jillian struggled with her own weight issues growing up, she knows firsthand the implications that these problems can have in a person\s life. In fact, the problems she experienced herself are what spurred her on to not only meet her own fitness goals, but to also help countless others meet theirs.

Prior to becoming a personal trainer nearly two decades ago, Jillian owned and operated a sports medicine facility. There she worked as a physical therapy aide under the direction of physical therapists Reggie White Packers Jersey , psychiatrists and other medical professionals.

Additionally, Jillian has 17 years of experience in martial arts. This experience has only served to increase her passion about fitness and the power that improving one\s health can make in their life. As if her personal training certificates were not enough, she has now mastered the world of books, DVDs and video games as well. Four of her books have made the New York Times Bestsellers list and her numerous fitness DVDs and games are constant bestsellers.

Perhaps best of all, Jillian\s focus is on all aspects of healthy living. This involves weight loss, lifestyle changes Ray Nitschke Packers Jersey , nutritional and behavioral changes and psychological wellbeing. As a life coach and fitness guru, Jillian has motivation and the power of positive thinking on her side. Thankfully, she shares these important techniques with those who want to affect powerful changes in their lives.

Join the Jillian Weekly Program

The Jillian Weekly Program allows users to have complete access to a weight loss plan over the Internet. Once your personal data is entered, a fitness plan is constructed that is suited specifically to your individual needs. A weekly fitness planner is provided for tracking the workout routines, all of which can be done in the convenience of the user\s home. Jillian also tackles mental roadblocks to weight loss, which is an important component of success.

Jillian Michaels Success Stories

Hardcore fitness enthusiasts everywhere rave about Jillian Michales and her tough-as-nails approach to getting into shape. By reading the success stories submitted from numerous satisfied clients and customers Paul Hornung Packers Jersey , you can get an idea of the changes that can come about in your life as a result of following Jillian\s programs and advice.

Take, for example, the story of Jessica. By following Jillian\s programs, Jessica found the motivation she needed to lose 120 pounds in just one year. After experiencing training for a marathon, Jessica has found the confidence she needs to achieve anything she wants out of life.

Another success story features Lorraine, who Brett Favre Packers Jersey , as a single parent, decided to bring about positive changes in her life for both herself and her children. Jillian\s program helped Lorraine lose almost 50 pounds and get her life back on track.

There are countless other success stories available for you to enjoy. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or more than 100, these stories are sure to give you the motivation you need to reach your goals.

The Jillian Store

In the Jillian Michales store, you\ll find all the tools needed to make your weight loss and fitness goals reachable. Choose from the categories of DVDs and Books, Ultimate Fitness Equipment and Video Games and Accessories. The following items are some of the best-selling products in their respective categories.

* Books & DVDs

Books by Jillian include everything from how-to motivational texts to cookbooks that will help you stick to your weight loss plan. \How to Build an Exceptional Life\ helps readers to utilize the power of positive thinking and the right attitude to affect changes for the better in their lives. \Master Your Metabolism\ helps readers overcome the negative aspects of hormonal imbalances that can impact an individual\s metabolism and make it harder for them to lose weight.

* Fitness Equipment

Whether you\re looking for something as basic as a pair of dumbbells or something as complex as a complete body weight resistance system, it\s all available from Jillian. Adjustable kettle bells make a great addition to a number of Jillian\s workout videos. Ultimate StayBalls help fitness enthusiasts develop flexibility and core strength. Last but not least Bart Starr Packers Jersey , the Ultimate Yoga Meltdown Kit helps take Yoga workouts to a whole new level. Whatever your fitness equipment needs, you\ll find what you\re looking for here.

* Diet & Fitness Products

Whether you\re looking for a fat burner, meal replacement shake or protein supplement, you\ll find everything you need to make weight loss easier here. Jillian\s whey protein powder helps users to build lean muscle mass, therefore burning more calories and fat. Her 14-Day Cleanse & Burn program helps rid the body of toxins and start the fat burning process. Last but not least, her Maximum Strength Fat Burner helps you blast fat from those hard to reach Mike Daniels Packers Jersey , stubborn areas. Whatever your weight loss supplement needs, you\ll find a number of beneficial items here.

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