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锘? Audio ads have finally arrived streamed at a web browser near you. What was once the exclusive province of the large TV networks is now being migrated over to the internet.

When I first heard of this I asked myself Roger Staubach Jersey , is this for real? My first impression was "give me a break, as if music blaring each time I go to a page on MySpace isn't hard enough to deal with, how about an advertisement!"

However Emmitt Smith Jersey , being a balanced person I took a step back and decided to approach this with an open mind and see what I came up with. While checking them out I read the site and listened to some sample audio ads and I was convinced. Allow me to explain.

The first question that needed to be addressed was what about ad annoyance? PPP system is different. For the last 2 12 years NetAudioAds already has signed up greater than 550,000 members who have registered and have been earning money this way. Negative reactions to the ads have been infrequent due to the fact that the ads run for just 5 seconds and are on topic to the content that is on the website.

Large corporations such as Harley Davidson use PPP so that they can brand their own company name as well as their products. Because they are dealing with such large companies the ads are very professionally done, very quick and not trashy or tacky.

Business Plan

The business plan for this new advertising medium goes something like this; NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play (PPP) designs the necessary technology to have a small 5 second audio clip play that is tailored to the content of the page on webpages that have the code inserted on their website.

Prior to February 1 Bill Bates Jersey , 2008, NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play (PPP) markets this new technology to website owners to sign them up and put the code on their websites. This gives them the real world traffic stats they need so that when they go to a large corporations they can present that data and get them to sign up so audio ads can be played for these corporations and increase their brand awareness.

Okay, looks like a winning situation for the large corporations.

Once the service is launched in February 1 Larry Allen Jersey , 2008 each time a visitor goes to a website who has the code an audio ad is played and the website owner gets a commission. So, in reality, you receive a 100% conversion rate on all your traffic.

Okay Deion Sanders Jersey , looks at a winning situation for the website owner.

NetAudioAds PPP is set up to be run on an automated bid management system that is analogous to Google AdWords. Similar to all bidding types of management systems, the one with the highest bids wins premium placement.

After February 1st 2008 the large advertisers will go into a bidding war which will then drive the price up and also give the website owner a larger commission for each played audio ad. There are 66,000 advertisers supporting this new media source at this point in time and a major search engine is also supporting this kind of channel of adverting as well.

So Chuck Howley Jersey , in detail, what's in it for site owner? If you put the ads on your own website you get a direct commission from them but there are other ways of getting income streams.

Summary of compensation:

25% of what each advertiser spends on PPP ads you serve on your own website(s).

5% of what each advertiser spends on PPP ads that are played on the website(s) of those you refer to them.

5% of what each advertiser spends on PPP ads that are played on the website(s) that your direct referrals bring on board.

It doesn't cost anything for a website owner to get involved. The marketing partners will not have any cost to get involved either. All of the cash flow will come from the advertisers (companies) that place bids for PPP ad placement in the network when they make their bids. Come February 1st 2008 a website owner will start to earn cash flow from any webpage they put their code onto.


Where banner ads have not delivered as hoped for in the past for large companies or their corresponding website partners, these audio ads which are professionally created and delivered in an unobtrusive manner will likely pick up the ball that the banner ads have dropped.

Big brand advertisers are spending billions of dollars. Because there is more than one level or compensation for this new ad system and it is in its initial stages of introduction to the internet you would do well to learn about them now and keep an open mind to the details of something that holds a HUGE amount of potential.
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