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There is little excuse, really. We can only hope that looking at these cold, hard numbers will inspire designers and casting directors to be a little more conscious of who theyre choosing for campaigns in the future. There simply needs to be more diversity 锟斤拷 period.

It锟斤拷s not often that we see pale pink as a driving color for fall. But at Kaelen锟斤拷s collection, the pastel hue (along with a similarly spring-like peach) held court with navy and black. It made for a beautiful mix, especially when paired with the voluminous silhouettes.

AAC: Each issue hassomething really special. Volume I had one of my favorite collaborations of all time, a short animated story by actor Rupert Friend with illustrations by artist Ed Atkins. It was equal parts funny and sad at the same time. In order to deepen one’s practice, it is important to leave enough time prior to class so you arrive in a relaxed state in stead of a feverish rush. If a Golden Goose Italy client isn’t ‘present’ it may take away from the precious time of the class allowing for the brain to relax and the body to calm. Arriving early only adds to the overall pleasure of the class and ultimately enhances the entire experience.

Once upon a time, fashion shows were small affairs reserved for paying customers and the upper echelons of the fashion press. Now, hundreds can attend and snap away on their phones Golden Goose Sneakers Saldi with no intention of ever purchasing what appears on the runway. Competition has always been rife among designers, but with the social media frenzy that now exists around Fashion Month, there锟斤拷s more rivalry than ever.

Judianna Makovsky: According to my mother, yes. I was lucky enough to grow up at the Metropolitan Opera Ballet and Children’s Chorus and I always liked what went on behind the scenes way more than performing. I just wanted to be a designer. Gina Edwards: We锟斤拷re seeing a lot of glitter and stonework on nails. It锟斤拷s a two-dimensional look with add-ons like glitter tips and ombre effects. It锟斤拷s all about being your own artist.

The push in marketing began to form itself around the idea of British chic, with fashion campaigns portraying British celebrities and models such as Kate Moss and Ioan Gruffudd. Burberry was being sold as a lighter, younger, more cosmopolitan brand, taking on the idea of British style without the stuffiness. Taking the spotlight away from the check, their designs began to centre themselves on a classier type of young adult, a look sold as quintessentially London.

The Look: Frida Giannini opted for a surprisingly soft pastel color palette for her leather-heavy Fall 2014 collection. Equally surprising,especially given that the designer noted how heavily she was inspired by Gucci archives,was that she eschewed the brands very sexy evening-focused signature, and silhouettes were more 1960s than 1970s. This season even had cropped-at-the-ankle jeans in a nod to its more casual direction and gowns were replaced with crystal bib minis.

Sienna Miller left her own Twenty8Twelve by s. miller denim shirt unbuttoned over a tank as she left the Groucho Club in London. Her ankle boots and charcoal wash denim gave the ensemble a rugged Western feel. In Coulier’s case, his nomination is a direct result of the work he did with Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady where as Dudmans work on Harry Potter, which was brilliantly demonstrated live on actor Warwick Davis, is recognized for all of the prosthestics in the film. After the makeup branch of the academy pinpoints who exactly is responsible for what, a small group of artists are invited to sell themselves to the panel. A 10 minute clip followed by a brief discussion of the processes is what determines the year’s nominees.

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