floor accidentally soaked wpc floor

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as long as the amount of water is not large, and the time is short, the water will not penetrate into the floor. At this time, only need to use dry cloth wipe dry water on it. 2, the floor of the emergency treatment of flooding if the floor accidentally soaked, but also through a simple method for emergency treatment, to avoid the floor mildew. For the wood floor is not serious, can be in a short period of time, the surface of the water dry,

and then vacuum cleaner in the floor of the joint gap suction water vapor. Small area, the use of electric hair dryer with cold air to dry the floor gap. IfBamboo flooring is the use of bamboo mosaic by adhesive with high temperature and high pressure and. Bamboo floor has the advantages of cool in summer and warm in winter, small color difference, long service life and health care function.

introduced in this paper to buy bamboo flooring skills and installation raiders. Part1: the Tao of bamboo bamboo flooring detailed all kinds of knowledge of wood floors, wood composite flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring and bamboo flooring and other classification, so many, why choose bamboo flooring? Let us first try to understand the basic knowledge of the bamboo floor.
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