You should make a point of using quality embroidery thread

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Are you thinking of taking up machine embroidery at home? Whatever brand of embroidery machine you use, you should make a point of using quality Polyester Embroidery Thread . Machine embroiderers need to understand the facts that are likely to cause problems with their thread and also know the differences between the various types of thread available.

One important factor to consider when choosing jipusi-yarn thread for your embroidery project is the weight of the thread. Thread thickness is measured by number: the thicker the thread, the lower the number. So if you want better fabric coverage in your embroidery design, choose a lower number thread. Bear in mind also that different fibers measuring the same weight can actually be a different thickness. Rayon thread appears finer than cotton or polyester thread of the same count.

There are five types of thread commonly used for machine embroidery.

Rayon embroidery thread is extremely popular because it is readily available and produces a lovely sheen. Because of its strength, it holds up well to the high speed embroidery stitching process. Rayon machine embroidery thread comes in a huge variety of colors, including twist colors and variegated thread.

Jipusi-yarn Polyester embroidery thread is also extremely popular because it is a little cheaper than rayon and also comes in a wide range of colors. Being synthetic, polyester thread is colorfast and more hard wearing than rayon. It's a great choice for embroidering children's clothing and work-wear that is likely to be machine washed on a regular basis.

Metallic embroidery thread is a fun choice to add a glittery accent to any embroidered design. Metallic thread also comes in a wide variety of colors. Hologram thread which is similar, is a terrific way to add sparkle and dimension to your embroidery design. You may need to experiment with different threads to see what works best on your particular machine, but you'll find it worth the effort.

Cotton of course has been used on sewing machines for much longer than any of the above. Cotton is popular for its quality when it comes to embroidery stitching performance. It also comes in the greatest range of thicknesses - from 30 weight right up to 120 weight, which is used for heirloom sewing. Heavier weight cotton is popular because of its good fabric coverage in embroidery designs. Dope Dyed Polyester Yarn : http://www.jipusi-yarn.com/product/

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