How to Remove Solar Water Heater Panels from a Roof

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by micoe1401 • 3 Posts

1 Spot a ladder towards the aspect of your home in buy to obtain entry to the roofing. Fit on a pair of sturdy gloves prior to touching or managing any of the solar panels. Some solar panels have contents that are not safe and sound for prolonged-phrase publicity, so use caution throughout the elimination procedure.

2 You should know that which panels are broken or not functioning. Photo voltaic panels have a lifestyle expectancy of 25 many years, so verify with the organization that produced the panels to if they are below guarantee. Buy substitute panels, if needed.

3 Turn away the pump that is related to the Flat panel solar geyser. Permit time for the pipes to drain adequately prior to removing any panels. Deactivate the pump so that it does not dried out and come to be broken although the solar panels are becoming get rid of or changed.

4 You should know that what resources will be needed in buy to get rid of some or all of the solar panels. A selection of mounting gear could have been applied, which includes screws, brackets or wing nuts. Save the mounting gear if new panels are heading to be set up.

5 Disconnect the pipes at possibly end of the solar panel. Drain any unwanted water out of the pipes and panel prior to removing the panel from the roofing. Carry on the elimination procedure right up until all of the panels are get rid of or the broken types are changed.

6 Connect any new panels and turn the water pump back again on. The new panels will not operate to entire potential for 24 several hours. Check with your community environmental organization how to dispose of the solar panels properly.

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