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Supply 420 stainless steel stripThe correlation between physical properties and temperature(1) specific heat capacityWith the change of temperature than the heat capacity will change, but in the process of temperature changes in the metal structure in the event of phase change or precipitation, then the specific heat capacity will be significant changes.Stainless steel plate and coil price(2) thermal conductivityAt 600 ℃, the thermal conductivity of various stainless steels is basically in the range of 10 ~ 30W / (m · ℃), and the thermal conductivity increases with the increase of temperature. At 100 ℃, the thermal conductivity of stainless steel from large to small order of 1Cr17, 00Cr12, 2Cr 25N, 0 Cr 18Ni11Ti, 0 Cr 18 Ni 9,0 Cr 17 Ni 12Mο2,2 Cr25Ni20.500 ℃ when the thermal conductivity from large to small In the order 1 Cr 13,1 Cr 17,2 Cr 25N, 0 Cr 17Ni12Mο2, 0Cr 18Ni9Ti and 2 Cr25Ni20. Austenitic stainless steel thermal conductivity is slightly lower than other stainless steel, compared with ordinary carbon steel, 100 ℃ austenitic stainless steel thermal conductivity of about 1/4.Aisi Cold Rolled 430 Stainless Steel Coil BA(3) linear expansion coefficientIn the range of 100-900 ℃, the coefficient of linear expansion of various grades of stainless steel is basically 10 ~ 6 ~ 130 * 10 ~ 6 ℃ ˉ1, and increases with the increase of temperature. For the precipitation hardening type stainless steel, the linear expansion coefficient of the size of the aging treatment temperature to decide.Stainless Steel Sheets(4) resistivityAt 0 ~ 900 ℃, the specific resistance of various grades of stainless steel is basically 70 * 10 ~ 6 ~ 130 * 10 ~ 6Ω · m, and increases with the increase of temperature. When used as a heating material, should use low resistivity material.Hoja de acero inoxidable Precio

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