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will expand its products to the floor, standard doors, wardrobe, the whole kitchen, furniture and other five categories, will also rely on a large home platform to build integrated products, access, manufacturing, services, design five platforms. It is understood that this is the elephant in July 2014 after the big home strategy, the further adjustment and refinement of this model.[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/the-basics-of-pvc-composite-flooring.html]The Basics of PVC Composite Flooring[/url] In fact, the past two years, the same strategy put forward a large number of enterprises there are many. In 2014, the European faction proposed the acquisition of a large design company in Hong Kong, the overall concept of the whole family to consumers spread out. Since then will also expand the floor, mattress and other new areas, to open up all aspects of home operations.
To customize the wardrobe started Sofia home, but also in 2013 its brand positioning from the custom wardrobe upgrade to custom home to big home transformation, and with the famous French cabinet enterprises SALM alliance, announced the formal into the cabinet area.[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/advantages-of-wood-plastic-composite-flooring.html]Advantages of Wood Plastic Composite Flooring[/url] In addition, in 2014, the nature of the floor changed its name to the natural home, through the relevant diversified layout to build a floor, wooden doors, wardrobe, cabinets, wallpaper and other five product lines. With the continuous expansion of home layout, a fight for the territory of the fight is about to start. In fact, the elephant to do big home genes from 2010 began to initiation.
At that time, the elephant determined to build a green industry chain, from the source of raw materials to the final user, forming a function of the upstream and downstream network structure. This industry chain is divided into seven links, namely forestry, substrate, processing plant, research and development, design, marketing and service. [url=http://wpcpergola.com/news/environmentally-friendly-pergola.html]Environmentally friendly pergola[/url]At that time, or to the main floor production, other categories of products are also involved, the proportion of about 99 ︰ 1. Elephant Group Planning Division, said Chen Zhihua, general manager. During 2010 ~ 2013, the elephant in the wooden doors, wardrobe, cabinets and other categories have been the initial development, but the pace is not big step. By 2014, with the depression of the real estate market with the frequency of the flooring industry also ushered in the winter.
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