environmental labeling technical standards

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formaldehyde content shall not exceed 0.08 mg / cubic meter. Therefore, even if the use of formaldehyde construction materials did not exceed the standard, but the decoration of the floor, paint, and furniture, such as the release of harmful gases, often more than the national standard indoor air quality standards,[url=http://deck-fence.com/composite-deck/4820.html]koma plantation pvc porch flooring reviews and complaints[/url]
which will make the standard difficult to adapt. It is understood that the "decoration of environmental labeling technical standards" after the introduction of the decoration business decoration will be "green service" standard, "true green" and "pseudo green" set up a threshold to make our decoration The level of decoration services is in line with the international market.[url=http://deck-fence.com/]deck and fence[/url]
The standard will be from the design stage, material selection, construction process, acceptance of four aspects of the green decoration business specific requirements. The contents of the main, before the renovation of the house can carry the number of harmful substances to be calculated, not only for a single product to control the indicators;[url=http://deck-fence.com/deck-sale/4822.html]cheap garden privacy fencing[/url]

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