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VMAX MALE ENHANCEMENT For your smaller muscles, which include your shoulders, biceps, and trips, a single giant set is adequate in order to achieve a complete workout. When attempting to grow muscle mass, utilize the buddy system method. This involves you and your partner pushing each other in a different manner. One person competes a set, and then he or she passes the dumbbells or bar to the other person. Except for the amount of time that you are waiting on your partner to finish a set, you do not rest. Try bettering your bicep curls. Usually, you fail to move the bar or dumbbell past a parallel point, which means you don't get the full benefit of the top half of the bicep curl. However, the top portion is a bicep curl's strongest part. Just go ahead and do some seated barbell curls to fix this. Make sure that you are working your calves. Although calves are usually very difficult to grow, you can utilize several different approaches in order to find the one that works for you.


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