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The numerical simulation of the new type long straw china Roll Forming Machine and developed
Biomass energy is an important renewable energy, and biomass straw is an important part of the biomass, biomass compression roll forming machines technology can let loose biomass straw briquette fuel, so that they can better utilize biomass straw resources in the rural areas. The research purpose of this paper is to develop a low energy consumption, high productivity and promotion of biomass straw briquette equipment in the countryside. Now will be the main content of this article brief introduction is as follows:

1, the finite element theory of the graduate student material straw biomass straw compression molding compression molding of the finite element theory is of theoretical preparation for the finite element analysis. Straw briquette process is a nonlinear process, based on the analysis and comparison of the two kinds of finite element method after the applicable range and advantages and disadvantages, choose the finite strain elastic-plastic theory to a finite element method to calculate the resolve the straw compression molding. In order to study the straw in the process of compression molding plastic deformation theory, using the elastic-plastic cold roll forming machine theory, the paper puts forward the biomass straw yield criterion, hardening law and flow rule, is derived on the basis of the constitutive equation and the basic equations of biomass straw.

2, biomass straw compression molding process of the finite element analysis of biomass straw compression molding including stress and strain analysis and finite element analysis of temperature field analysis, in this article, through the results of finite element simulation to guide the design and development of roll forming machine manufacturer. Through the analysis of stress and strain, the equivalent stress and equivalent friction force distribution, equivalent strain and equivalent strain distribution of X direction. Through the analysis of straw from the beginning to enter the final squeeze into a cavity of the whole process stress, friction and the change trend of strain, found in a cavity cone Angle of the stress and the friction at the upper end of the so wear is also the most serious, need reasonable design into a cavity with the size of the cone Angle and length to diameter ratios to solve this problem.

Through the analysis of temperature field, obtained at 150 ℃, 200 ℃, 250 ℃, respectively, under the temperature load of 0.3 T, 0.6 T and 1 T time node of the temperature field cloud picture, and analyzes the temperature field inside the above different circumstances straw, with the increase of temperature load, temperature will rise in the straw and under 250 ℃ temperature load, the inside of the straw lignin are softening and melting, molding effect is the best at this time, the minimum energy consumption.

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