The Properties of the Black Steel

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Compared with other steel, the carbon steel was used in the earliest time, it has low cost, wide range of performance, and the largest consumption, is applied in the nominal pressure PN less than 32.0 MPa, the medium such as water, steam, air, hydrogen, ammonia, nitrogen and oil products between 30-425 ℃ temperature. The common brand is WC1, WCB, ZG25 and 20, 25, 30 high quality steel and 16 Mn low alloy structural steel. For example, 20 steel has good plasticity and weldability, is used for the parts of low requirements for strength and carburized parts, such as the hood, welding containers, small shaft, nuts, washers and carburized gear, etc.. The comprehensive mechanical performance of 45 steel is good after quenched and tempered, is used for mechanical parts of the larger force, such as gear, connecting rod, machine tool spindle.

Generally, the carbon steel pipe must ensure the strength and the flattening test. Hot-rolled steel pipe deliver with hot rolled or heat treatment state. Cold rolled steel pipe deliver with heat treatment state. After the carbon steel pipe is blacked, its corrosion resistance is improved. The black steel pipe is used in boiler pipe, coal gas, fuel gas pipe. The black steel plate is made under JISG3303 ASTMA624-86-86, GOST13345-85 steel standard. Through chemical control in the process of melting, it ensure uniform base metal, while the control in rolling process ensure the consistent thickness. The black steel plate is a very versatile engineering products, it can be used for the base metal of tinning and glazing coating process. Black steel plate is a kind of very thin and no coating cold-rolled steel, and has high tensile strength and elongation. This kind of steel plate thickness is generally not more than 0.0142 inches (0.36 mm), the elongation rate reached 30%. Its high strength generally (hardening) formed in the process. The properties make the black steel reduce the weight of some products in the auto industry.

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