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This week, we look at how Oscar contenders play the style game. For the Oscar nominees luncheon at?The Beverly Hilton, leading ladies Marion Cotillard, Julianne Moore, Felicity Jones and Emma Stone put their own spin on casual chic. Here’s how they fared.Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior Spring 2015 CoutureImages: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com and IMAXtree

Marion showed up to the luncheon in her standby brand, Christian Dior. She swapped out the patent thigh-high boots for simple black pumps and skipped the embellishment shown on the runway look’s collar. But forum members still essentially deemed the outfit hopeless.

“This is offensive!” exclaimed

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“Marion is

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a gorgeous woman but I never warmed up to the Dior/Marion pairing,” dodencebt?admitted. And he isn’t alone.

“I cant stand Marion in Dior anymore. Its enough!” lvstratus?expressed in frustration. “She doesnt fit the brand, the brand doesnt fit her. She used to have such an amazing style before this deal with Dior, it is about time she ends it.”

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