age indeed as expected exists

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ave been thinking they at slander us eastern world, Long Mai indeed as expected broke, otherwise hundreds of years also is not likely to have no New appointee to come in, want to spend to greatly rob this time only afraid had to Billy Williams Jersey awaken to print four of several 100,000 yearseses absolute being monsters, but once untying to print, I eastern world in the bottom Yun, how is this good?"

Listen to Wa an emperor empress where soliloquize one face anxious, the question is also more and more heavy, raise hand a way in Xu Tian Xin:"That Wa emperor empress BE?Younger brother I said so many, how many problems can the empress answer me?"

The Mei Niang returns to absolute being Carlos Zambrano Jersey slow slow way:"Make you come to the Wa emperor's sanctuary be for making you know everything, you slowly see here, concerning prehistoric age of the whole you will understand of, I still have important business to do and walked first."

Finish saying once the vegetable hand flick, the whole personal disappearance disappears.

"Feed, what prehistoric age, do I see over there?"Xu Tian is a bit depressed still is feeling suspicious of.

The ectype on the sanctuary internal wall ground suddenly lives to move, like turn on electricity a shadow generally a pair to present in Xu Tian's in front.

"The prehistoric age indeed as expected exists, Christian Villanueva Jersey there is still before this civilization several prehistoric civilization, Hong Huang thou boundary be from first the prehistoric age Hong Huang world broken up empress the reservation descend of Mi boundary, ape person's ages, second especially orchid Di Si the ages is also all to once exist, however all ruin those monster hands at the dark star in, how to thought of to want to enlarge the Earth replication to give a new life a star those bedlamites?The result terrible affair continued for numerous ten thousand yearses."

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