down for several thousand years

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he speed of ancient boundary how more and more quick, this how long just, again came out an activity, "

Xu Tian Yi listens to, eyes are immediately bright, the mind of an oddity surges forward, concussion not already.

"Previous incarnation I resist with Kosuke Fukudome Jersey science and technology nuclear weapon machine and sorcery civilization, does the this present life want to resist with myth civilization again?"

Chapter 19 absolute being war invokes huge cannon to make effort

Remember to have in fragment at Xu Tian is a lot of and strong in the sorcery world fight of appearance.

This present life not weak previous Kris Bryant Jr Jersey incarnation, Xu Tian also wants to live glorious whole life naturally, and benefit others don't care, stimulate but again be rich with the life of challenge is what he look forward to.

Otherwise he completely once canned be safe in the small city whole life, food and drink not sorrow, live to wear doubtless, just can not Ta-f is big expensive, but is also also the dream of many people, why the need for stay far away from home, keep off backland of the ground go to prosperous metropolis, result because of the benefits, Be forced to cause to forbid to recruit, but also miraculously arrive at this conducting the person can not arrive at of mysterious ground of.

Just the combat of sorcery world is too Kyle Hendricks Jersey illusory, like mirror flower water month, just memory but not deep, look back the fairy absolute being of east it say, deeply rooted, various legends spread to come down for several thousand years, from not get person not the heart living awe.

Be knocked down fairy demon unexpectedly true existence for several decades, beyond doubt a to the worlds that Xu Tians cognize biggest pound at.

In fact is also that Xu Tian is prejudiced to be induced by the south door in the sky, here this is palatial cluster of not are to be called forehead, but some arrive at this place and again leave of the person return to know together as of a kind of parlances is also the causes of myth legend in the customs world.

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