pop from 450 bags a year agone.

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Rangers Will Extend Qualifying Offer To Cruz - RealGM Wiretap
The Texas Rangers have confirmed that they will extend a qualifying offer to Nelson Cruz.

The 33-year-old would have 12 days to decide whether to accept the $14.1 million for 2014. It's more likely he will reject it in the hopes of signing a multi-year contract.

Cruz missed the final 50 games of the 2013 regular season as he served a suspension for being linked to the South Florida-based Biogenesis clinic.

Royals Will Spend More On Pitching - RealGM Wiretap

The Royals are prepared to spend more to fortify the team's starting rotation for 2013.

"What I've always said is when we get to the point where we're competitive [url=http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Ryan-Anderson-Redskins-Jersey/]Ryan Anderson Jersey[/url] ," owner David Glass said, "we'll do what we have to do to improve our position. Yes, we'll do what we need to do. We are committed to improving our starting pitching.

"Exactly how we're going to do it, or what is going to be available, I don't have any idea right now. But we'll have a plan in place (going into the offseason). We know we need to improve this team for next year. This starting pitching is going to get better."

The Royals were 70-82 entering Monday night's game in Detroit, 11 games out of first place in the American League Central Division.

Failed Ghana Cocoa Crop Drives Ball-shaped Prices Higher Colette Willison
Submitted 2016-05-19 17:20:16 By Matthew Mpoke Bigg, Sarah McFarlane and Nigel Hunt
ENCHI, GhanaLONDON, English hawthorn 6 (Reuters) - A short cocoa harvest in Ghana has left over the world's phone number deuce manufacturer struggling to satisfy sales contracts and is impulsive up the terms of the commodity on world-wide markets.
The unforeseen settle in production [url=http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Russ-Grimm-Redskins-Jersey/]Russ Grimm Jersey[/url] , which farmers blamed on a deficiency of pesticides and regretful weather, could forget the world's stellar burnt umber makers light of beans and hatful a refreshful blow out to the Due west African country's touch-and-go funds.
Senior governing sources at once estimate Ghana's 201415 pasture leave not top 700,000 tonnes, ALIR to a lower place industry regulator Cocobod's initial figure of Thomas More than single million tonnes.
"There has been a crop failure and the latest indication is that our best (output) is around 690,000-700,000 tonnes," a politics reservoir World Health Organization declined to be identified told Reuters.
Ghana had a graze of nearly 900,000 tonnes in 201314.
"This year every farmer is crying," said LBJ Mensah [url=http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Ricky-Jean-Francois-Redskins-Jersey/]Ricky Jean-Francois Jersey[/url] , World Health Organization serves as foreman James Leonard Farmer for Westerly Region South, which has 174,000 drinking chocolate farmers. "We haven't experienced a season like it in a long time."
European traders said the shortfall means Ghana mightiness be unable to add or so 150,000 to 200,000 tonnes of drinking chocolate which it has sold and whitethorn seek to coil those contracts forwards to following time of year.
Ghana's chocolate is sold to International buyers by the state-owned Drinking chocolate Merchandising Accompany (CMC), a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Cocobod. Cocobod did non react to requests for comment.
"There are a lot of outstanding shipments still for everyone in the trade from the CMC," unitary European monger said.
Global chocolate prices take already begun to climb, with a smaller cut back in Ghana probable to head to a meaning world shortfall in the 201415 temper. Trash Greater London futures consume risen more or less 5 percentage in the endure two weeks.
"A lot of people did not believe in a global deficit. It's only now when they factor in a 700,000 tonne Ghana crop that they will bank on a deficit which could move the market another 100 pounds higher even after the recent rally [url=http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Preston-Smith-Redskins-Jersey/]Preston Smith Jersey[/url] ," unitary monger aforementioned.

A shortfall of supply from Ghana could make severe problems for outside traders and bounty deep brown makers so much as Lindt, whose recipes swear heavy on the world's transcend producer of high caliber hot chocolate beans.
"The market has a problem in that nobody wishes to put the CMC in default," aforesaid Derek Chambers, foreland of the cocoa section at Paris-based Sucres and Denrees.
"It's one thing to roll 20,000 to 50,000 tonnes (worth of contracts) forward. It's another thing if it's 190,000 tonnes."
Some traders accept been scrambling to corrupt any available Ghana chocolate stocks in Europe and premiums for in-put in bagged supplies deliver risen to close to 200 pounds supra Greater London futures, compared with around 80 pounds a couple up of months agone.
Ghana's thriftiness grew apace for geezerhood as exports of its gold, cocoa and anele boomed [url=http://www.redskinsauthoritystore.com/Authentic-Pierre-Garcon-Redskins-Jersey/]Pierre Garcon Jersey[/url] , devising it a attractor for investors World Health Organization likewise liked its view stability, but the political science forthwith battles business enterprise problems worsened by a nightfall in trade good prices.
The International Medium of exchange Store finish month in agreement an care take aimed at restoring economical stability.
Ghana's chocolate is grownup by smallholders WHO sell to companies such as Ecom, Olam and the state-owned Bring out Buying Troupe.
"The crop for this season does not approach where we were in 201314," aforesaid chocolate buyer Joe Mends Aboah in Nyamkumam village, external Enchi in westerly Gold Coast. He has purchased 280 64-kg bags of chocolate so Army for the Liberation of Rwanda this season, pop from 450 bags a year agone.
Aboah aforesaid the expectant rainfall betwixt Revered and October had prevented cocoa trees from blossoming. Early farmers complained approximately the scarcity and disbursal of fertilizers and pesticides.
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