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In the domestic more than 3,000 wood flooring manufacturing enterprises, have the ability and strength to adhere to this belief, seriously design, manufacture, installation of each product brand how much? No more than 30. That is, the equivalent of 3% of the big brands, large enterprises in order to be able to provide consumers with a special brand, product,Durable Composite Flooring Manufacturer more stable quality as their own competition in the market to win an important means. Reality has proved that this is 3% of the enterprises formed a self-development, with a number of independent intellectual property rights and the scale of the enterprise, in strengthening the wood floor to the era of low-profit business today, always firmly in control of the market, and only They really have the same with the multinational companies in the global competition for industrial conditions.
Like the production base of the floor in Shenzhen and Jiangsu, Kenuo Hua and Rhine sun flooring production base in Beijing, as well as the floor of the floor in Danyang, Jiangsu, can be called Asia even in the world can also be among the best production lines,PVC Type of Porch Railing High-quality product quality from the advanced technology and process equipment, strong protection, such as the unique image of 400,000 tons of continuous press, the pressure per square centimeter up to 40 kg, so it can produce double wear-resistant layer of this high-tech , High-quality products. At present, the elephant, Kenuo Senhua, Shengda, Kenya, the new elephant and other enterprises that no one of the investment is not hundreds of millions or billions of dollars.
China's economic development depends on the development of local enterprises, and the development of local enterprises to a large extent dependent on the level of science and technology to improve, take the "new industrialization" and "circular economy" development path, we must strengthen technological innovation, In the world economy in the big market for survival and development.ECO Friendly Composite Pergola Quality: Activate the core of the team to strengthen the function of hematopoietic wood flooring industry is currently part of the elephant, Kenuo Senhua, Shengda, Rhine Sunshine and other brands as the representative of the world's leading manufacturing technology, production quality first-class products, they Able to represent the level of development of the industry, with a large production and marketing scale.
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