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rystal little blooms to open and forms a bloomy black lotus, Ms. Zhao Er falls to sit therein, the hands knot prints, and the Buddha copies flicker.

"Evil lotus?The Buddha is together evil body?No wonder that, no one discovers that the evil on her body originally was inhibitted."

Xu Tian immediately and suddenly realize, "but the Buddhism is to have already escaped a life time for thousand years, how can and the evil boundary produce a relation."

Is previous Zhao Si spirit blood the Danny Salazar Jersey explosion use a blood lotus, Xu Tian at curious about that this force learns, the Buddha of the body of Ms. Zhao Er is together evil now body, the evil sex Buddha nature unexpectedly perfect fusion is in the integral whole, let his identity to Ms. Zhao Er background deliver more curious.

Chapter 30 evil soldier's present generation three boundaries battle out

Matter to three boundary mis to smell, Wa emperor palace in of jot down a dark star to appear Jia however, Hong Huang thou boundary all of the matter up to now all have no record, the affairs concerning Buddhisms are all unclear its phrases, exactly and in the center have what Xu sky also can depend to surmise.

After all the Earth God dynasty Buddhism widely Erik Gonzalez Jersey accepted, is a world three big religion of a, the Vaticans of the west of the religion of Taoism of east all at, Buddhism unexpectedly at the whole Hong Huang the thou disappear quietly in the boundary, this affair very uncanny, the in the interval ever looked for treasure but Jian Mo toward the emperor empress of Wa the language caused Xu Tian's curiosity more not.

Original Xu Tian intends to leave Hong Huang thou boundary after not is coming back, the secret concerning Buddhism is naturally as irrelevant as he, also be into 1 don't solve of riddle, didn't solve in the world of riddle much go to, many one not much little one is many.

The cat that is curious to harm to kill cat in the moment bursts upon a Buddhism middleman and returns to have great relation with dark star, from have to explore some kind of.

The after death big statue of Buddha of Ms. Zhao http://www.indiansmlbgo.com Er gradually submerges a body and turns but generation of is bodhisattva, it is like, the sanctity is matchless, generous Hao light, whole body the evil spirit dissipation disappear.

"The view sound sits a lotus."

The phrase that was distorted to have an ambiguity http://www.indiansmlbgo.com/francisco-lindor-jersey comes out from Xu Tian the brain, certainly be not you imagine of so have corpse exposed, but truely is the view sound battle lotus up, if the sincere Buddhism follower sees affirmation will prostrate un worship.

Take key for a next lotus isn't a common lotus, but a black evil lotus, from overlay Ms. Zhao Er's health condition of evil crystal bloom but.

Thus pounding at effect for people's sense of vision is a lot too big, sanctity improbity, bright dark, all remit to gather on Ms. Zhao Er.

The beautiful eyes of Ms. Zhao Er are one Zheng, take a commiseration mankind and massacre world two kinds of as different as chalk and cheese expressions.Looking is very self-contradict, the but again is matchless harmonious.

The Ceng Ceng is two, Keng of on ringing, the absolute Jason Kipnis Jersey being soldier bites a soul unexpectedly self-moving jump out, appear complete stick of body, be on guard of direction Ms. Zhao Er.

Xu Tian Yi is surprised, absolute being soldier's biting a soul has already dissolved for the integral whole with himself or herself after drive super absolute being machine in the time and space cast shadow repair and also have never taken place this the circumstance for losing control, feel the Jing that the soldier of absolute being spreads fears to and seem to have what terrible affair want to take place.

"BE."Working one Shan.Xu Tian immediately understands to come over."I before have been thinking my abhorrence for Ms. Zhao Er, is come from an oneself to work properly to feel to the evil of reject, originally isn't such, the Buddha is pretty much two to is evil to all excel concealment.Incarnation 100001000.To so easily be distinguished.And is a soldier with absolute being t

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