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g is all very simple and direct, the one who have ability resides up.

"Yi, this not to, you say a square circle 100,000 the insides are big strange sites, is that life a piece of the devils here to also return your big strange big Wang Guan?"Slowly the weather power not the Nu is from the Wei.

Frighten old son in the land burst to kneel Hector Rondon Jersey down and repeatedly kowtow a way:"Last fairy clear Cha, small old 2 says a true, that devil one clan there is the blood of my big strange big king in big Wang Ti, it is my branch of strange clan to calculate, just those devils deny and defy a strange clan also is not from the demon clan, from become one vein."

"."Xu Tian immediately comes to spirit and secretly thoughts of, " good, the dark star isn't a sheet iron a cake of either, so I had the machine that can take advantage o."

"Go, don't kneel, get up to talk."A old man of hair white knelt Ke in front of oneself several ten ring a head, Xu Tian some not orientation, however associate dark star environment, know that this is the thorough marrow of slavish.

"Many thanks, last fairy."Old son in Jake Arrieta Jersey the land is repeatedly thankful.But still bend greater half waist one face is polite.

"You are also one square land, how is the real strenght so weak?"

Xu Tian Sao old son in the land is one eye, discover this old son real strenght didn't°yet Hong Huang thou boundary the common ordinary mortal is high, also force a beginning into the ordinary mortal a heavy sky, also and thou boundary new born's real strenght is just about.

"The last fairy hasn't to know, small http://www.cubsmlbgo.com old son essence is one stub grey starling grass because have already worked properly Zhi, turn a form and become be assigned by the big king to take charge of 100 inside the land is in fact also the abnormality that inspects to lie waste a plain, the main task is to prevent°from an ancient boundary bearer, have never thought up the fairy magic dint is limitless.Is so quick and then can discover me."

"Say a point."

See old two useless talkses of lands connecting an article.Xu Tian is a bit impatient.

The land is old two frighten of almost want Jason Hammel Jersey to kneel down again, hurriedly way:"I the strange clan is dark star's strongest kinds, all flowers and birds fish insect plant mountain Jings as long as the creation works properly Zhi, can be called strange.Just don't rob a Cui body after thunder.The real strenght can not promote.Only that kind of intelligence the perspicacious generation can continue self-discipline the bottom go, I wait the most common Jing strange, only turn a form of natural endowments instinct but have no how much strength."

"Does the thunder rob?"Xu Tian Yi Leng.Suddenly thought of a kind of possibility, immediately excited.

Old son in the land doesn't understand a way, "I the dark star has no thunder to rob, all demons and ghostses can't wither in the thunder to rob under, but is exactly also such strength can not be promoting further."

"Go, I knew and let me wanted."

Once Xu Tian Shou flick and consider, "press http://www.cubsmlbgo.com/jason-heyward-jersey this old son in the land say, I am in this dark star but have natural advantage, as long as doing not expose, not is to accept Long very big batch of demons and ghostses, see to want to test some kind of."

"Come, old son in the land you come over."

The old son Zhan unsteady Duo in land cringes Suo to walk up, way:"Last fairy, didn't you say to put me?Don't kill me."

"Discard what rubbish, I want to kill you to still wait until now."

Is some impatient Xu Tian finger tip Shan one silk thunder light, control the power to lowest, infuse into the body of old son in the land.

Sees old son dozen in the land put a son sort not to stop to have muscular spasms, good at just the power of the static electricity size, even if such, old son in the land don't bear down as well, the body a little is cracked broken up, become ground a heap of grass.

Think to fail at Xu Tian of, the ground grass set puts together and livings in a little pure sun grass, the dead annoys rotting breathing dissipation, and a freshman's old son in

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