the dancer that ushers

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n whether consideration takes out some meanses breaks out a ground territory half fairy real strenght, the nautical mile spreads a voice.

"Top of way friend, doing not know can arrive Long Gong Yi Xu."

"Way friend?Still really there is Long Gong?"A question mark in Xu Tian Nao rises and also have never been like this once called quite interesting.

Worked properly to feel don't feel malice, Xu Mark Grace Jersey Tian felt to go to also no harm, at least can rise a knowledge, understand the circumstance of nautical mile, repeatedly advised Zu in old son in the land bottom to still open hatch to walk out.

Lay up armor to transport troops a ship, and old son in the land is together take a wave head to lead the way down by the crab.

"Avoid water to curse."Xu Tian looking at a crab to vomit two bubbles to wrap up oneself and old son in the land therein and gets into water and cans not helps great feeling magic, " looks the natural endowments ability of seeming the aquatic animals, turning head must learn of avoid water to curse, need not in afraid water."

Old son in the land on the contrary one Matt Szczur Jersey face is nervous, be afraid of to make his whole body stiff to the ghost clan, even if he any is vulgar now six weigh fixing of sky for exceed the great majority shrimp soldier's crab will also the indelibility heart fear.

Xu Tian discovers the strain of old son in the land and smiles to advise a Wei way, "take it easy, if really have malice, directly wring to kill on the sea surface can, have no a necessity to let us to Long Gong."

"Way friendly courage, at under Jing sea Long Wang Ao pure square, don't know a friend BE?"

A Long Shou's Human body lean man who wears black Long Pao faced out from Long Gong of the magnificent.

"Jing sea Long Wang?Is that a frogman Miguel Montero Jersey still a sea ghost him?"The flash across in Xu Tian Nao is one silk doubt, but also the smiling face mutually face a way.

"At under together Hou in the sky, accidentally go into expensive treasure ground, didn't advance to greatly invoke, also at next be not."

Appear in public to say person's words, see the ghost say outright lies, fume pottery several years of Xu Tian but enjoy three among those flavors in dynasty career in the sky.

"Together way friend says my words, the Munenori Kawasaki Jersey Jing sea is always strange, to way friend so real strenght the outstanding generation kind presence Bi sea is the honor of the Jing sea."Jing sea Long Wang Ao is pure square the part compliment simultaneously take Xu Tian into Long Gong.

"Cook way the friend is very kind, at under never once beat to hand over a way, but also heard the passionate hospitality of aquatic animals with aquatic animals."

Xu Tian Shuo finishes oneselfs to all feel disgusted don't go, the as early as bottom sea is previous and then changes magically small universe bags into dark star public's dresses and imitates devil breathing and poured don't also arouse Jing sea Long Wang's doubt.

The dark star supplies is short of, the great http://www.cubsmlbgo.com majority demons and ghosts clotheses all take changing magically as a lord and leave lazy must change magically is all Tan chest dew milk, if open for a sky, eye can discover that this is the star of a nudity, although disdain to Hong Huang ancient boundary, a lot of places all follow ancient boundary, like the type of name custom, originally was also together is one source.

Divide guest and host to fall, offer up fruit article vintage wine, Jing sea Long Wang Ao pure square this just one face apologetic way.

"Mutually invite means some vehemences in times before, also hope a friend to forgive."

"There there, still just under rudely, have never come to visit."Xu Tian Xiao's faces are all some stiff polite response ways.

Old son in the land that a side greatly eats to eat especially one face admires of hope Xu Tian, pretty much envy lately- recognized host can with Jing sea Long Wang this waits strong confabulation.

"My Long Gong at the right moment has a set of the dancer that ushers in from the evil clan, excels evil wonderful dance in a sky and also ask a friend on

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