greatly recruit to make

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somebody else made duplicate Hong Huang that was the previous from ancient times affair, fully had several 1,000,000,000 years, the Earth the geography at that time how with compare now.

"Dark star you big Ye of, ignore."

There is in fact a way working out Danny Salazar Jersey this problem, just beginning to suddenly arrive, Xu Tian doesn't want to expose himself/herself so quickly and just go while fishing a needle from the sea, whole lives can not leave a dark star.

"Come out, spy's satellite."

This is Xu Tian to first invoke on his/her own initiative and release an oneself's natural endowments ability.

Now, white hole Shan's one covers pretty much of the big rocket satellite shoot a machine to appear Xu Tian's in front.

The fracture iron curtain scanning Dou of chapter 34 annoys

When the carrier rocket that has spy's Erik Gonzalez Jersey satellite towers aloft in the blast-off on the stage and all prepares to work to all be already completed by intelligence tiny brain operation, Xu Tian hesitates, to the information of the dark star knows very few, will spy satellite's shooting can't be intercepted but fail, all of everythings didn't know.

Invoke this thing completely is to depend luck, of the other day slowly the sky once invoked a lot of times as well, is all some just a little trifles, unique useful is a light Leng tower, only Leng the power of the big still still records in the heart and unfortunately only have a , however after right hand after adding and holding, pour is with red Jing Central plains the thing is very different.

Name:The allied troops light Leng tower, armor:In common use metal alloy, the ground fortress building can not move.

Special ability:The light Leng tower support, inside the certain scope of only Leng tower can to be only attackstoning Leng tower to provide 120% destructive powers that the oneself hurts, can be infinite to fold to add to increase.

Concrete data injury value all misty turn Francisco Lindor Jersey the elucidation that didn't keep a view, Xu Tian remembers red Jing in light the Ling tower seems can fold to add 8, be added after holding can be infinite to fold to add to increase, empress function also very obvious, even if isn't 1 time to greatly recruit, with all strength one shot after light Ling tower and light the Leng tank also want to all discard.

"Put together, loathed to give up a daughter-in-law could not arrest color wolf."Once Xu Tian Ya bite and failed greatly not at many savings several day, the hatred reads, the one day there will returns to be invoking a spy's satellite.

Originally this spy's satellite is under Xu Tian's hatred to seduce on one's own initiative, otherwise slowly the sky can't hesitate, either.

However for the sake of safety since see, Xu Tian still dedicated a fiesta all mentalities, opened right hand to greatly recruit at a time every day.

Looking at the carrier rocket of shooting spy's http://www.indiansmlbgo.com satellite while pouring to account the middle point fire get off the ground, there is no abnormality at the perpendicular take-off stage.Can after being into turn flight, old sky of seem be incensed, appeared a rightness of ghosts hands in the sky a hug spy's satellite, will send into a black basin big in, that gleam cold light of quick of speech is good enough to bite off the mountain peak.

"Is now, the iron curtain opens for me."

A regiment flows light blue diaphragm to wrap up the whole spy's satellite.

Ga Mao a frailty rings, big the mouthful tooth be been ground by the Mao, spread gradually whole open mouth.

Name:Soviets iron curtain protects A:It is super strong to fold to add to absorb to remember metal alloy.

Special ability:Release an energy shield http://www.indiansmlbgo.com/jason-kipnis-jersey invincible in the in a short time, can block to block the whole attackses, certain time inside absorb absolute injury.

This is the device that Xu Tian uses to greatly recruit to make.Is accurate to say already infinite approach red Jing four super science and technology.Is invincible but protect the trick of life, use on spy's satellite also not Kui.

"Quickly, the Zhi brain give me the adjustment orbit and g

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