pressed on the real strenght dies of

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at to deliver Xu Tian's this Wen absolute being, have never thought in the end or can not get away from.

Stomach black male Xu Tian Mian has no facial expression, heart but is laughing wildly, "you old tortoise, think that the eagle of my desert is so take, play trick, my fee so strongly annoy, sends younger sister Tan Ya's exclusive weapon to you, you don't with interest vomit for elder brother, I be not even the tortoises are all not equal to."

Absorbed the experience and precept of previous Dexter Fowler Jersey incarnation, Xu Tian realized the importance of relation, not ability at elephant previous incarnation front line all over the world all enemy, the besides dark star so dangerous place even wants to beat good groundwork, otherwise basically could not get in touch with to turn to living of door this waits supernatural being.

So would beat one club to a sweet Zao to tame by expecting this an old tortoise help oneself to quickly integrate into a dark star, this world.

Is total of come to say that the process is a turns and twists of, the target winds around, the direction is explicit, and the tortoise braises to settle.

The chapter 39 group of islands difference changes water temple to rise a sky

"The way friend pleases see, the front is Ernie Banks Jersey that group of islands, if nothing important matter I returned to Long Gong, there is also a heap of matter."

The old terrapin steps a wave head to want to leave, but is held up by Xu Tian Qu's ship and smilingly says:"Do not urgently, tortoise way friend, since came to all come, don't sit in seat of honor a to sit at the island, difficult see be descending?"

Become nervous so old terrapin to leave, Xu Tian knows this group of islands to have no so in brief and affirms to have cat to get fed up with and wants to leave it naturally, like is hereafter blackmail to do preparation.

"Do not, way friend, I really occupy."

Resisting is useless, even if the Ba descend the divine power can not also resist a strong meat body of Dou saint in the body the strength be written by Xu Tian Ying Ye to pull in the island.

Geography in the bottle gourd island is unusual, http://www.cubsmlbgo.com forest vegetation is thick, but has no the trace of animal, and the oddness orderanies the No.1 spy's satellite to scan group of islands with all strength under Xu Tian and hopes to find out an abnormality.

"H'm, really need to feel tortoise way friend, the group of islands environment is very good, hardly have this kind of lovely view on the land, to, what way friend says, heart water temple in sky how did I didn't see?"Xu Tian is a little bit polite some kind of turn to topic.

The tortoise prime minister promise promise Fergie Jenkins Jersey way:"Heart water temple in sky I have never been to as well, just mostly know its scope in this one, the way friend seeks more should can find out, I really occupy and take leave."

On changing, Xu Tian Lian's Nu way:"Way how friend none of a little bit trueer face give and at least drink a cup hot tea at walk."

"Hot tea, that has tea."The old terrapin stealthy tooks a look a curious about way everywhere.

Xu Tian Hei's Hey says with smile, "now don't don't represent later have no, waited I to set up a good official residence to had everything naturally, way friend don't hasty.Need more some dates on the island first."

Old terrapin silly eye, having never http://www.cubsmlbgo.com/greg-maddux-jersey thought Xu Tian will come to this, must do one the honor again and restlessly walk around on the sandy beach.

"Small kind, and my Dou."The dead pressed on the real strenght dies of, Xu Tian's nature can't care then this dead tortoise can be whole what pattern.

"Land, this group of islands handed over to you, I wanted you in quickest time inside, check the condition on the clear island."


Take at nearby of old son in the land send up use, although isn't what superior.Jing strange clan uses especially of the natural endowments fish for geography more friendly than spy's satellite.

Say a group of islands.The data that uploads from the satellite image, the area of bottle gourd island also has ten several 10000 square kilo

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