curious equal chance

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by jlsalh21 • 481 Posts

o a great deal of absolute being water in the body.

Several efforts of interests, old son in the land spirit machine soars, this life grey starling grass in a flash from the beginning the crest drill, moment blossom and bear fruit, the Pu Xu falls thick and fasts, originally had Mark Grace Jersey already dropped into any vulgar three weighed old son in the land in sky to fix to rise for straight line, take no cognizance the existence of bottleneck, fix for directly increased any vulgar eight heavy sky highest point, and still contain a great deal of energy inside the body, as long as comprehending own way, soon ability Jin go into the palace grounds become the existence of half fairy sort.

"Understand, no wonder that the heart water temple neighborhood in sky don't let to living to work properly existence, if have a few old the son guys like this in elephant land at, the effect of this kind of supernatural being can not drive world thoroughly absorb, also no wonder that the heart water temple in sky see the territory of not first half fairy the existence as follows, there is such kind Matt Szczur Jersey of supernatural being being completely canning in great quantities urge a peak existence."

The state of the dark star fixs for divide the line and Hong Huang thou the boundary is just about, however Hong Huang thou boundary with artificial main, so any the vulgar period be called ordinary mortal to expect, the different fixs for just be called any vulgar period.

Xu Tian immediately understood the viewpoint of that old terrapin and wanted to make use of for a sky, heart water temple to put out himself/herself.

"Boon, seeing to this http://www.cubsmlbgo.com bottle gourd island should be a forbidden ground, that old terrapin indeed as expected has no well heart."

Can want Xu Tian after understanding is more and more careless, think impassability for sky heart water temple why wants to make like this, the such supernatural being is used to nourish world, cost such price diagram what.Contact before so overbearing absorption world essence, the intuition tells him heart water temple affirmation in sky to have to scheme, and still keeps greatly acting.

Know to be peculiar here, originally intended that Xu Tian being another to find his ground leaving here, preparing one is this Hun water.

Have to say Xu Tian's curiosity Miguel Montero Jersey more and more curious along with his strength growth, however strictly speak of, curious equal chance, sometimes missed a chance and opportunity, equaled waste to build to turn.

Beat to settle advertent Xu Tian is calculating how to be here radicating down, send out Pa in the Mao in old son body in the land of voice, the body form pulls out Gao Yi Jie, originally arrive the height of Xu Tian's calf grow thigh Gao, this life grass slowly retracts inside the body.

All the way slowly the circumstance that once understood strange one clan of Jing as well in the sky, be like old son in the land this kind of plant Jing the crotchet want into a way, will can be complete to change into person's Munenori Kawasaki Jersey form first, old son in the previous land is like grass much lead be like a person, many then now the flavor son of a person.

Old son in the land opens a pair of eyes, feels the variety of oneself and connects a voice to thank humbly a way:"Thank last fairy for helping."

The circumstance of oneself knows that old son in the land knows to if not that running into up the fairy and how can has this etc. to build to turn by himself/herself, before greatly limiting, repeatedly break, pressing the department to go to fairy way for the self-discipline bottom of class can expect.

Xu Tian Bai head way:"Needing not is over-courteous, since heel I, the nature can't maltreat you, to, the mountain Jing that you before say is what things."

Old son some strange last fairies in land why don't even know some common senses of dark boundary, but can't go, either to think indiscriminately, cautiously make collective report, "mountain Jing be is conceived by the ground mountain peak of work properly a thing, belonged to strange one clan of my Jing before, however once

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