one regiment cloud come out

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ising winds and surging clouds, nearly the red cloud row of body opens.

The red tunic old Zu achieves wisdom Abraham Almonte Jersey for several years, cloud livings with the breeze, exceed Xu Tian not to know any to the realization of the way of winds and clouds several, tornado though is driven with magic, the each space noodles layer suffers a stroke of the essence is mostly same, anti- book controling tornado turns to make a regiment curtain to Xu Tian will Xu Tian Zhao is therein.

Xu Tian Ji frightenning the flicker move to open in a sudden and fly to in out of the sky, the body strength can bear of the dint of the Dou saint method absolute being with arrive extreme limit, the strength containing inside the body is limited, helpless under, have to water with the breeze Yu, fasten all breezes inside the body water to fasten strength to burst out to go out.

A way"water Long Juan" rises Teng but rises to be round and round to surround red cloud from the sea.

Heart water temple in sky originally from http://www.indiansmlbgo.com ancient water boundary Yan become since then, the red tunic old Zu is a saint temple big ability, to aqueous of control already arrive extreme achievement, **of way origin have to the way of way, Xu Tian this have a little at close Mr. door before play long-handled sword.

Seeing to connect numerous"water Long Juan" that the sky connects sea will drive red tunic the old Zu Be anti- to control, Xu Tian's corner of mouth a, flash across one silk is satisfied.

Only in regard to the fighting strength that the moment breaks out, Xu Tian is still in the heart in sky three evil on, however hold out for long time the dint will differ a lot, this slowly nature in the sky can't admit, the man Adam Moore Jersey can not say that he or she doesn't go and at most says that is not.

If not that red tunic old Zu 1 want to obstruct, not intentional to offend, slowly strength inside the heavenly body soon the meeting be consumed an empty, can be defeated and flee just when the time comes.

The action of at present red tunic old Zu is http://www.indiansmlbgo.com/adam-plutko-jersey matching an idea of Xu Tian, you not is control make the way of winds and clouds water, I make you control enough, seeing you's being not ability is coming down of all controlses.

The weather of the bottom of sea lord base control at Xu the heaven's will read in immediately start.

Here have to say to is the special ability of the host for a while, from invoke of base car since then main base all productions come out of the whole units all have a spirit branding, as long as as to it's to can carry on operation in the Xu Tian's mentality field.

Xu Tian is in the body at this time, the Andrew Miller Jersey dint of the Dou saint method absolute being's mentality also soars 1,10000%, although can not attain from like small control, initiate 100 base a facilities still a nothing important problems out of the inside.

Compare with somebody else's God's way big ability a mind in a very short moment must inside but bad far.

The limitless dark cloud flows out by the side of Xu Tian Shen and collect in heart water temple in sky above, "lightning flash storm" is transported with all strength by about 50 power stations in the ferment under urge to deliver extreme limit.

The red tunic old Zu is making every effort to control the Dou saint method absolute being the geomancy Dou of one shot to annoy sorcery with all strength impact, already some unwillingly, see Xu Tian Nong's one regiment cloud come out, not surprised anti- pleased.

Three the boundaries talk about to control cloud to hold fog in 6, the red tunic old Zu is an ancestor Class of, one regiment the red cloud and mist hurtle into among the dark cloud, the instantly dark cloud starts gradually being suffused with red, when all dark clouds dye red of, the other party will have no place to hide and exert in the middle of administering.

Be all dark clouds to redden didn't expect.Red tunic old Zu but don't discover Xu Tian's trace in the bank of clouds, feeling urgently under, a head explores from red cloud, big a red dark cloud is inhaled stomach in succession by him, checks to seek Xu Ti

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