hard not Cui absolute being but clear

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lly still Be getting more silly still Be getting more silly?But why heart water temple in sky three big evil Zus all seem to be really to fear this Shu mountain nine elders.
Look like Hong Huang in didn't lead Abraham Almonte Jersey Shu mountain, Wa emperor Mi Jian in also didn't jot down,is the God's way absolute being machine replication Hong Huang, the Hong Huang falls in pieces absolute being one service, the Shu mountain just appears of, Xu Tian still doesn't stop to consider over there.
A sword light, stunning one sword splits to oneself.
The spirit seed sharply jumps to move, Xu Tian Xiao's face frightens a light that move to avert from sword in a sudden of pale bad milli- Li.
Can that sword only turned curved, don't http://www.indiansmlbgo.com/adam-moore-jersey stop to make track for to kill of make track for to kill, an even several swords that ten times didn't stay away this Fu bone sort of the moment transmission light, seeming the innate intelligence is general.
"Teacher your sword way is again getting more aggressive, sword idea already work properly have no a few sword fairies can attain."Bewitching rabbit in the sky one openings can frighten once the person jump, Xu Tian has been out of hearing at this time, the fury is more and more prosperous, completely is unexpected calamity in his heart, a puzzling Shu mountain sword fairy comes out and then kills, don't know so-called, really think that oneself likes to humiliate.
That's right, the science and technology, sorcery left and right hands can release to press stalk at a time to greatly recruit just every day is use, a little bit only left magic Dou spirit unwillingly can defend a body, the inborn thunder body, satisfied absolute being stick can not drive second time, now also right on the spot fairy in the early years fix in order to can not resist a sword fairy sword idea, can just acquire of the new hand segment is good enough to sweep eight Huangs, can not consider of expose not expose, wildly roar 1.
"Water absolute being attaches a body and rinses a week sky."
The statue is general of Huang thou water giant suddenly moved, an evil proud interest dispersal that explodes Nue was opened, let a great ability of five God's ways for of a Zhan.
Chapter 53 ten thousand cannons together blare cannon to beat sword fairy
One by one Huang thou water giant continuously http://www.indiansmlbgo.com/adam-plutko-jersey explode, the water current covering with fills in the whole world, have no hard not Cui absolute being but clear of of sword way content drive once the flowing water in multiple layers separate, can not close to Xu Tian.
A round and round Huang thou water essence overlay in Xu Tian's body each part joint, form ancient evil absolute being of a set of Huang war A, ancient water absolute being total work surname falsely shadow present at release a Tao after death the fierce Wei is for sky.
The time immemorial big might of god gains Andrew Miller Jersey considerable fame Zhe five great ability, make them no longer make moves.
Xu Tian this just slowly leads spirit and very is afraid of to Shu mountain nine elders in the heart, sword way the fighting is resolute, hat cut off ten thousand, purely with the big way that kills wound but theory to hardly have to match another.
"At least is also a God's way eight heavy sky of fix to mix for, when big ability the existence of the Class being so worthless, one after another coming out, also letting people how!"
Remember fragment in difference previous http://www.indiansmlbgo.com incarnation in world in the time and space until the empress expected real strenght to just greatly become to just gradually appear absolute being Di, the God's way within Hong Huang strong once had it than the absolute being Dou saint of sorcery and all and, a comes up and oneself is enemy and gradually also with oneself is enemy, naturally take to sneer at aureole at oneself so much, walk to there that has an enemy house, the enemy house really needing to make is full sky of to fly not become.
In fact and slowly very helpless sky now, talk about oneself true real strenght also right on the spot the territory of fairy, have no various outside dint to prot

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