falsely the shadow remit evil Long

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or pick up an on the earth big pen money, if the just common poor people has no luck to enjoy naturally, whereas have the influence cruel hand hot privileged class easy can have for oneself to have, that also dislikes money much.With slowly the genius will be thus aggressive.Many penny opportunities.The hope of going homes increase more penny.
Drive pen in the old terrapin real strenght in the crystal ball Gao range of experience not but not low.
"Too B fairy.Big Luo gold fairy, this wants to become to be great ability, how can so quick.Could you also take no cognizance God's way Wei to press?"
Move and come over a so short short Christian Villanueva Jersey while effort in a sudden, height ten thousand Zhangs of five claw gold body dragon be invaded by the evil spirit more and more small, but the breathing is more and more strong, promoting greatly can need enough many God's way Wus, otherwise strength savings at huge is also all of empty talk everythings are mirrors flower water month, can go into an evil evil dragon but break this God's way iron Lyu, completely take no cognizance various bottleneck, Wei power more and more strong, infinite approach big ability layer, jilting and opening half and treading greatly can not know how much.
On the earth because the spiritual influence is thin and diluted, fairy Xia floating about, Wu Zhe's amountses are few, so follow the method of the placings of Hong Huang with world person's three placards to divide the Clayton Richard Jersey line strong from the thou up to now, even gather together last placard numbers not and together for sometimes an age, arrived modern world is all 1,100 years of superior in two placards ground fairy, also person the person of some new Jin of the placard.
Look back three boundaries six in, fairy any layer is clear, any is vulgar(ordinary mortal) on going to palace grounds is the territory of a ground of fairy, then is the territory of inborn, the realization fairy way, become fairy, wait a backlog to certain extent, after promoting fairy and achieve too the way of B, after comprehending God's way to become big Luo's fairy, then canning control a silk God's way just can get into real God's way state, become rare big ability.
The whole Hong Huang is broken up the http://www.cubsmlbgo.com/dallas-beeler-jersey new livinging of ground the fairy half fairy layer in three boundaries after work properly count extremely number, who then one put top-class on the earth exist, ruin the magical power that the sky puts out ground with regardless God's way great abilities.
At Xu Tian Kan to the Hong Huang thou boundary world person's three boundary demarcations a little bit prohibit to slice in the middle of that Mi boundary, should classify thou boundary alone one boundary, the dark star is the only boundary, the Earth is one boundary, can divide the line with the boundary, evil boundary and person boundary in sky, after all new three boundarieses' putting together is the whole Hong Huang.
Person's boundary has have no big ability Xu Tian don't know, the fairy is evil two boundary big magical power also several, great majorities still concealed life time not, be showed from this big ability of scarcity, can this evil dragon from too the territory of B promote big Luo's God's way to also wink an effort, Long Zu natural intelligence at lead negative sky, also probably thus negative sky.
"Not to, the that regiment black spirit is http://www.cubsmlbgo.com peculiar, private and the ancient Hong famine year the thing of an improbity relevant?"
The old terrapin inheritted the blood in a silk Ba, tradition some memories in Ba, Zu Long Jiu Zi is a powerful lord, once got in touch with an innumerable at the ancient Hong Huang hidden, remind Xu Tian caution.
Cover with to dance in the wind innumerable David Ross Jersey demons and ghosts world to work properly thing Jing a soul falsely the shadow remit evil Long Ti in succession and be evil already set of physical stature dragon about 100 meters after, is good enough to Long Yin Sheng who put out a life time resound through horizon and bring about Tao sea water for sky, cloud is blown about the skies will be shaken crack.

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