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d away under guard?And crypto-Communist all about.
Speak of current circumstance in Sichuan, Ma Kui is also a full face strain, don't see this bushy beard one face excited to speak contentedly, but when lead probe a soldier, the heart is thin if Yang Qiu delivering ability http://www.cubsmlbgo.com/jon-lester-jersey light easily see, this guy each time make reference to there of revolutionary party and people's regiment the thumb always don't aware of self of shrink.
Is strange the new soldier that don't get to Hubei finally surrender people's party, connect Rui the square was all killed by the soldier, surrounded by several thousands of guns and tens of thousands people's parties, people's regiments, showing off hero that is a donkey egg behavior!
Revolt, sign a horse to revolt, the hurl body revolutionary party goes!Etc.......People's party seems to be also to has no prospect!
This has already been desperately!
The night just rises, Yang Qiu is Jorge Soler Jersey then or so to resemble Huang, if send away under guard Be free good, in case of occupy how do?1,000 hair Ses add bullet, that be on tie~upping the detonator of emblazing explosive bucket in Sichuan, if be known by people's party, perhaps tomorrow morning the meeting be surrounded by several 1000 people, oneself was to forsake darkness for light to throw in revolution big current at that time, still crustily does the skin of head do Qing Dynasty henchman once?
"Get, say these."
Bushy beard Ma Kui stood and http://www.cubsmlbgo.com/justin-grimm-jersey clapped to clap Yang Qiu and grasp the shoulder of text:"1 of your 2 people is rent boundary ocean from Shanghai the schools come back, one is to lately learn a student, or don't know child's son of outside matter, so don't the strange old horse is bothersome, this never show off skill all the way, don't think that we have a few guns, if this really got into Sichuan, also not enough other people's one mouthful chews a valley!"
"To, clothes change a body before setting out tomorrow morning, must not allow the other people to see we are new soldiers, if otherwise......Must doom."The bushy beard clapped a bottom to walk and looking at lighted of Kerry Wood Jersey fire reflection on water under of this loses small figure, Yang Qiu and grasp text to see one eye, the at heart has no since of an earthquake, from end these words inside can listen to, Ma Kui and these new non-commissioned officer soldiers in fact the in the minds all want to take place very clearly what.
Grasp a text the interest http://www.cubsmlbgo.com that the canteen after passing to Yang Qiu also lost to talk, the hair Se feeling own leaned on stone wall up, Yang Qiu is also that the plain wheat roll that holds a burned black is hard under swallow, tomorrow.......
"BE is born a flock of anti- pure good brave fellow, still a Qing Dynasty cannon fodder suddenly and violently street in corpse Chengdu?!"Under confusion thoughts and feelings, Yang Qiu slowly leans back to go, suddenly he feels that the bottom imitates a Buddha drive what hard thing Luo next, right hand a get.
The moment was foolish to live.
This is one to is suffused with to yellowly march a pack, of course not is future generations double shoulder that kind of, but is like also 56 single shoulders inclined across a top to have one the cloth schoolbag of red five Cape starses, each soldier delivered 1 in the new soldier, can go fetch to pack personal effects while marching.
Marching the pack isn't a key, but the thing that wraps an inside is really to make people be getting more surprised too much, according to old Yang Qiu's memory, wrap the clothes that packed several pieces to

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